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4 YouTube Best SEO Tools You Never Know Existed

My greatest challenge when I started my first-ever YouTube channel was growing on YouTube- I mean getting views, subscribers and as well as watch-time. I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of articles on how to grow on YouTube but then, I found almost nothing until I get to know about YouTube SEO tools and how to use them to rank my videos so I could get more views and subscribers.

YouTube Best SEO Tools
YouTube Best SEO Tools

Before we begin this article, it’s of importance that we clearly share some light on certain terms that we would be using in this very content.


The term SEO is simply an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically the process of taking steps to help a website or piece of content rank higher on any platform be it YouTube, Google and the likes.

Making SEO optimization for content is very necessary as it could help whatever products desired to be sold to get to the eyes of so many people.

In this article we would be looking at a couple of YouTube SEO Tools best for growing on YouTube Fast. This is important if you are someone looking to create content on YouTube full time and make money on YouTube or just for the fun of it.


Tubebuddy is one of the most common tools content creators use for their video optimizations due to the fact that it has so many YouTube SEO features placed for both beginners and professional content creators.

These features were made to help videos get into the YouTube Algorithm and potentially millions of suggested views. Amongst this features are;

  • Suggested Tags : This gives you tags that your competitors use to get a massive amount of views in their channel, so that you can in turn make use of these tags to make videos around those search terms.
  • Keyword Explorer: The keyword explorer feature aims to to give you keywords that real life persons are searching for, in order for you to know what kind of videos will definitely get views so that you can in turn center your energy on those kind of evergreen content 
  • Best Time To Publish: The tubebuddy also has a feature that analyzes your channel based on previous uploads to decipher what specific time period you have most of your subscribers active and what specific time period you’ve previously had more views upon upload. This way you are more organized to understand clearly when you should post and when you shouldn’t. 

Click here to start using Tubebuddy.




Another very powerful YouTube Seo Optimization tool that grants you tons of analytics and listening tools like the channel audit tool that allows you to manage vital info in one place. With the VidIQ tool, you are given deep rooted information about your channel’s growth and specifically how you can rank for multiple keywords. Apart from the suggested tags and keyword explorer, the Vidiq tool also has;

  • Trend Alert Feature: With this feature you can set up alerts instantly about trending topic and get sent via emails on what is currently trending every day, every two days, every week, or every month depending on how often you want to see these emails.
  • Thumbnail Generator: Now not everyone has the time to sit and create thumbnails for every single video. Since thumbnails are like the first thing people get to see once they come across your channel, it is very important that you create the best impression as this helps get clicks. Thankfully the Vidiq tool has an integration that enables you to create thumbnails instantly with lots of templates that fit your niche even if you have no prior skills whatsoever. It is very user friendly and was made in such a way that even a newbie can get the hang of it instantly.

Click here to start using VidIQ.


The Morning Fame tool is also an important tool for YouTube video SEO and optimization. The Morning Fame tool actually helps content creators research their topics by way of showing what keywords will do better than which, prior to creating the videos.

The good thing about this tool is that, even though it is somewhat a newer tool in the market unlike Vidiq and tubebuddy, this tool is always continuously in development and being improved.

You can instantly just write out a video idea and then this tool does all the work for you in creating the exact title to be used, tags that can be used to rank higher and tags that should be avoided as bigger channels tend to saturate certain keywords. 

This tool works perfectly especially for small Youtubers that are looking to grow their channel exponentially. It has a very unique feature that helps compare your channel’s analytic data with about 20 other YouTube channels that have a similar amount of subscribers to you and in the same niche. Once it analysis this, it breaks down your compared performance into four compartments-Views, Watch Time, Engagement, Gaining Subscribers and then gives you the ultimate solution on what bigger youtubers are doing to grow in order for you to follow suit and expand your horizon.


H-supertool is a very underrated yet powerful tool for video optimisation, not just for youtube but for almost all social media like youtube, Instagram and even Google itself. It has a paid and a free version and works perfectly well for new users of the youtube app.

Although it is not integrated with your youtube studio analytics, it shows you keywords with high search volumes but low competition(the one every beginner should use for both title and tags of videos created). 

It also helps you see how a specific keyword is doing on Google also, in order to maximize your chances on getting seen on both YouTube and google.

One of the key leading success factors of a YouTube video is how many views are coming in and the engagement ratio it receives in the first 24 hours once it gets published. The more views/engagement or interaction a video gets as soon as you upload it, the better it performs overall and this is why it is of great importance that using one of these tools would make the work on content creation easier. 


Now, I would recommend that if you are just starting out and don’t have any money for paid tools yet, but would still love to create content, you can use the H-supertools, it has a free version and works just fine. The idea is to use this tool till you you get to a point when you can now pick out paid tools like either tubebuddy or Vidiq.

I personally use Tubebuddy SEO tool even though I know cleary that Vidiq is also a great tool. Preference differs, but I would suggest the Tubebuddy tool as I use it and it has granted me over a million views with some of my videos ranking #1 on youtube currently.

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