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Where to Learn Email Marketing – 3 Best Place To Learn For Free

Learning something new requires effort, dedication, hardwork and a chunk load of patience. Email marketing is no different.

While in our previous post we talked in depth on the concept of email marketing and the best Email marketing services to use, this time, we’ll look into where you can conveniently learn Email marketing.

Email marketing is a high end or high paying skill, and as such, most learning platforms request payment before access is granted to courses on Email marketing. Nevertheless there would be a link to a free course at the end of this article.

For the purpose of new readers or readers with little no knowledge about Email marketing, let’s define Email marketing.

Definition of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the act of sending business messages, or an act of advertising products and services to potential customers and buyers using email.

In other words, Email marketing could be said to be a channel or a branch of advertising in which proposals or persuasive messages are send to a collection of intending or potential customers with the aim of selling them an idea, a product, or a service.

The major aims of Email marketing techniques are;

  • Assemble faithfulness
  • Improve trust
  • Create awareness for the brand

The term email marketing in a nutshell involves gathering a list of potential clients and pitching them ideas, products or  services through constant emails.


This could fall under 2 categories;

  1. PAID (requires money)
  2. FREE (no payment required)




UDEMY: Jeremy Robinson’s MailChimp Email Marketing Course

Learn email marketing on udemy

This is a Udemy course that was made by a man called Jeremy Robinson. This man has been in the email marketing game for more than 10 years in the industry and in this course he breaks down how to crack the codes of email marketing using MailChimp.

Udemy is a learning platform that offers a range courses from different spheres, areas, departments and works of like. Their courses are broken down so anyone can understand it.

This course focuses on an email marketing service MailChimp and how to effectively use it.

MailChimp is one of the leading email marketing platforms and this course teaches; 

  • How to create emails that appeal to the reader.
  • How to understand and use MailChimp.
  • How to create and edit your mail chimp account and records.
  • How to edit mails and include various items using MailChimp.

SKILLSHARE: Fabio Carneiro’s Skillshare class – Email Marketing Essentials

Learn email marketing skillshare

If you’re more interested in improving your email marketing plans, then this is the sure plug for you. It focuses more on developing and improving your email marketing plans and not really on improved writing. 

The sole aim of this course is to improve how you create and implement your email plans for effective conversations.

Skillshare is a learning platform just like Udemy but skillshare focuses on specialization and improving of skills. Skillshare courses help on improving or developing already discovered skills in individuals through courses by professionals.

Fabio Carneiro in this course gives a concise outline of email planing, covering: 

  • The important points or notes in planing and creating messages.
  • The best plan practices to use.


OMI: Darcy Grabenstein’s Online Marketing Institute class: Email Campaign Fundamentals

Learn email marketing on omi

The Online Marketing Institute class on email campaign fundamentals shows the important or key points towards making catchy emails.

This course shows the key points and best plans and practices to use while creating your emails.

This course was created by Darcy Grabenstein, and the course aims to cover; 

  • The four P’s of promoting 
  • How email marketing is used effectively 
  • Different strategies to be used for maintenance purposes
  • Best methods and ways to improve maintenance goals

WISHPOND: The Wishpond Email Marketing Master Class for Beginners

Learn email marketing on wishpond

This course was created for people new or just getting acquitted to email marketing.

The course aims to cover;

  • How to achieve your email marketing targets/objectives.
  • The message type to be used.
  • How to create or form email marketing plans that best promotes your product or service.

Wish pond is one of the leading email marketing services and this course helps in understanding the pros and cons of this platform.

CHANGE XL: Austin Brawner’s Conversion Xl Lifecycle Email Marketing for Ecommerce course

Learn email marketing on change xl

This course on change XL was created and aimed at people trying to understand email marketing. The course is one of my top picks as it covers a lot and is easy to relate with.

Change XL is another online learning platform which offers various top notch courses ranging different topics and fields. 

This course conveys a clear and genuine guide to show you;

  • The pros and cons of email marketing.
  • Programs that prepare individuals who wish to be high earners. 
  • How to create or build your brand to unimaginable heights through some platforms.


Select an email marketing service to use:

The first step towards starting your email marketing career is to choose a trusted email marketing service. There are various email marketing services available. Each Email marketing service with its own peculiarity, your job is to research and choose one which best suits your taste.

Create an email list:

This is the next step after choosing an email marketing service. The idea is to gather as many email addresses of potential clients and customers. The idea is to focus on these selected email addresses with your promotional mails. This makes conversation and sales easier to monitor and improves seller to customer relationship.

Develop a welcome email message:

The next step after creating your email list is to send a warm heartfelt message to your potential clients. Let’s be honest, receiving new mails constantly from a strange email address could be weird and in most cases regarded as spam. So you first have to appeal to your potential customers. Welcome them and tell them what your brand is about. Tell them about what you do and why you included them.

Create an email format that can be reused:

Let’s be honest, as much as we want to make sales, we also want to be time and cost efficient. This is where playing smart comes in. While creating your mail messages, use templates, layouts and formats that can be edited and reused again for other messages. In planer sense, use message formats that can be edited in future and used for other messages.

Write persuasive messages:

Learn and improve on writing messages that appeal to the emotions of the reader. This is regarded as one of the most important skills in email marketing. As an email marketer, your promotional mails should be compelling and intriguing to the reader, leaving him/her with little or no choice than to buy the said product.

Emphasize on your subject lines:

The first thing that appeals to your client or prospective buyer is your email headline. It’s the first thing they see so it has to be catchy and attractive. Put in deliberate effort into writing catchy headlines and startups so the client has no other choice than to read your mail with intent.

Proofread your mail before sending:

It is important for you to go through your mail before sending. This helps in correcting errors, misspelt words and even helps in better sentence construction. This improves the quality of your mail as well as saves you numerous loses which could have been caused by errors in your promotional mails.

Send your mails at the best time:

This is where the various email marketing services can be of help. These email marketing services help in planing and scheduling of your mails according to the most effective timing. Just as in everything, timing is key and effective or improper timing can make or mar your chances at a potential customer.

Track your progress:

Email marketing goes beyond just sending mails. You would need to track your;

  • open rate
  • active clicking factor
  • withdraw rates, etc.

 Doing all this helps you in improving the quality of your work and as well knowing your strengths, weaknesses as well as the areas which need improvement in future mails.

Parting Note: Email Marketing is one of the best ways of making money online, though not quick, because it requires a lot of consistency, but with time it pays of.

YOUTUBE how ever is one of the surest free plugs of email marketing.

Hey! For staying till the end here is the link to the free course I promised 👇





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