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TubeBuddy Review 2022: Is It Best For Going Viral?

This is going to be an in-depth tubebuddy review. Choosing the right YouTube Automation tool is important to be able to grow your YouTube channel and also get full analytics of your channel.

I’m going to discuss a robust tool that will assist you in managing, optimizing, and expanding your YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy is brimming with a ton of potent features that will help you make the most of YouTube. The fact that all of these features are accessible within the standard YouTube interface is one of the nicest aspects.

Anyone wishing to expand their YouTube channel should use TubeBuddy. It is simple to use and has a ton of tools that can help you polish your videos and expand your viewership. To grow your YouTube channel, I highly suggest using TubeBuddy. 

Without much of your time, let’s get back to the review and see what this tool can do on the YouTube Channel.

Table of content

  • What is TubeBuddy?
  • How does it work? (Key Features)
  • Pros 
  • Cons
  • TubeBuddy Pricing
  • Who can use TubeBuddy?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Conclusion

TubeBuddy Review ( Overview)

Vendor Name: Rob Gabel, the creator and former CEO of Tubular Labs, will join as the new division’s general manager when TubeBuddy becomes a branch of BEN Group.

Product Name: TubeBuddy

Launch date: December 2014

Official site: Click here

Recommended: Highly recommended.

Refund Policy: Within 30 days of purchase, we provide complete refunds for every acquired license. To seek a refund, send an email to along with your license information. Only your first order is eligible for this kindness. Future purchases made in the future are not relevant.

Rating: Overall. 4.6 out of 5. Usability and customer service (4.4). 4.3

What is TubeBuddy?

The top-rated YouTube video optimization and management toolkit is TubeBuddy. Improve your audience’s growth and realize your YouTube goals. Better Search Results. Installing is free. Enhance the video tags. Bulk publishes new videos.

TubeBuddy is essentially a Chrome add-on for YouTube SEO, competitive research, and video makers. Since TubeBuddy is approved by YouTube, you can be sure it is 100% safe and simple to install.

It starts assisting you in growing as soon as you install it and integrates into your YouTube dashboard with a ton of fantastic features!

It can help you choose the right keywords and tags to use for your videos in order to increase the number of subscribers and views to your channel. You also have a ton of tools at your disposal to boost your productivity and advancement.

On its website, TubeBuddy provides tips and tutorial videos that demonstrate how to use the majority of its capabilities.

When you use all of these tools and put in the effort necessary for your channel, you may significantly increase Boost the number of viewers and subscriptions.

It has been demonstrated that these features improve the number of people who view your films, from the establishment of checklists to the ability to filter comments or the automatic creation of subtitles.

Other tasks include performing keyword research to see what people are searching for on YouTube and “spying” on the material of your competitors to see how they are operating.

In other words, you will possess features that the majority of your rivals lack.

How does it work? (Key Features)

Since 2014, hundreds of YouTubers have benefited from TubeBuddy, a plugin that is 100% certified by YouTube. I have used it for more than 4 years without experiencing any issues or complaints. And all of my YouTuber friends use it, and we can all attest to it advancing our careers.

Let’s see some of the best features that you can get access to when you sign up for an account with the link below.

The following section analyzes and explains a few of TubeBuddy’s main features:

1. SEO Functions

More than 65 features in TubeBuddy can help you improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube. Among them are the following:

Exploring keywords

If you want to genuinely build your channel, the “keyword explorer” is one of the most crucial and essential tools. Starting to plan videos for your YouTube channel is quite easy with this tool.

People use YouTube as their second-most-frequented search engine (after Google) to find music and information related to their needs or issues. You will be able to rank better and attract more subscribers to your YouTube channel if you can come up with keywords worth striving for (based on authority and size). increase the number of views on your videos.

By adding a keyword to Keyword Explorer, you can receive a score for your channel as well as an overall score based on the keyword’s competition and search traffic.

Recommended tags

Suggested Tags is another fantastic feature of the software for video SEO. You are only being shown tag suggestions. When you set up your YouTube channel for publishing, you can discover this on the video editing page. The tool will present you with related tags based on the selected tags.

Video exams

TubeBuddy allows you to test the “packaging” of each video, including the thumbnail, tags, title, and Meta description, even though you cannot test the videos’ actual content. Indeed, each of these things matters when publishing. a video on YouTube! Offering many variations of the same items that differ based on one criterion is a practice known as an A/B test. The headline is one instance.

Video lytics

When viewing a YouTube video, TubeBuddy shows a right-hand Videolytics panel with a number of important statistics. It provides an overall summary of the channel, tags utilized, social statistics, and video performance. 

If you truly want to compare your videos to those of your rivals, this can be really useful.


You want the video’s title and description to be visible and readable in every language on the planet. You want other videos on the internet to list your video as a related video. You may find use for the Auto Translator automatic translator (only included with the “Legend” plan). When you are editing a video, you can access it from the Subtitles panel.

When you are on the edit video screen, select the “Translate” button in the list of tag tools to access the tag translator. When you select the language For each language you wish to translate into, TubeBuddy generates tags in it and presents the most popular tongues used by your audience.

2. Tools for Productivity

It is advised that you add files (possible under specific circumstances and only from 1,000 subscribers), set end screens, reply to comments, etc. for each movie you post.

TubeBuddy provides a wide range of productivity tools as well. These assist you in taking care of these tiresome jobs.

Upload a list.

When you publish a video, the Upload Checklist will display on the right side, and when you do, an automated practice test will be run to make sure you’re adhering to YouTube rules.

Finished screen template

You can choose to use End Screen Templates to post all of your new films with the same end screen, which will save you time. Set a video as your end-screen template to accomplish this (you can then use this template after any new video has been processed and posted.


If you’re fortunate enough to receive plenty of comments frequently, TubeBuddy’s Comment Filters function makes it simple to manage them. You may quickly and easily search the comments on your videos for queries, obscenities, favorable or bad sentiments, or specific words. You can also see who your Patreon supporters are or who has recently followed you.

You can construct a collection of appropriate pre-written messages using the TubeBuddy tool called Canned Responses to respond to comments swiftly.

Publication schedules

You can “pause” your movies, or set their privacy to unlisted until a specific day and time, if you don’t want to share them right away.

Scheduled Publish saves you time. By doing this, you can provide your customers access to a film before it becomes available to the general public.

With TubeBuddy, you may programmatically change a video’s title, tags, description, or thumbnail, as well as remove it from playlists at a specific time.

Generator of thumbnails

You can select still photos from your videos to use as your thumbnails with the Thumbnail Generator. You can download and upload an existing image to your computer instead of choosing solid colors for your background. After choosing an image, you can add text, emoticons, various shapes, logos, and other images to it.

3. Marketing Resources

Your videos’ visibility can be increased by posting them, marketing them on social media, adding them to your website, and adding them to your mailing list. Let’s look at some of the capabilities that TubeBuddy provides in its promotion tools.

When Should I Publish?

Find out when your audience is most engaged by using the Best Time to Publish option. You can use this to determine the ideal time to stream live video or broadcast videos.

Advertising materials

To help you market your channel, TubeBuddy offers promotional materials. You may, for instance, include links to your channel artwork, channel, thumbnails, embed codes, and new videos. By logging into your TubeBuddy account, you can access them.

Online communities

You can post your movie on several social networks and keep track of the ones you’ve already done so on using Share Tracker. You can natively post your YouTube videos to Facebook with Publish to Facebook in just a few simple clicks. Share your video and thumbnail on Twitter with the help of Share on Twitter.

Promotional VID2VID

You may advertise your YouTube videos in the descriptions of all of your other videos by using the Vid2Vid advertising feature. Your most recent older video uploads will be able to receive more views as a result.

4. Information & Study

Under Data & Research, you’ll find some other useful data and research resources.

You may assess how you stack up against the competition in terms of views, followers, and engagement with the Competitor Scorecard. You can obtain a report that compares your data to that of your rivals and export it in CSV format.

5. Integrations

With TubeBuddy, there is the option of app use, which has several advantages for TubeBuddy customers.

There is a mobile version of TubeBuddy, but it has very limited functionality! You can still use it to improve your movies even if you’re on the run. You may organize your tags, decide on the subjects for your videos, create and send pre-written comments to your channel’s followers, and get a general idea of how well your channel is doing.

TubeBuddy’s Pros And Cons


  • The extension is simple to use and doesn’t require much technical knowledge.
  • It enables you to instantly examine your competitors.
  • It is a whole software package with helpful features.
  • Most prices are reasonable and offer excellent value.
  • It has good social media integration.


  • Basic plans have few features; this is restrictive for novices.

TubeBuddy Pricing

TubeBuddy offers 3 start-up subscription plans.

Some essential capabilities, such Facebook publishing and bulk processing, are not available in the free plan. Additionally, it has a restricted version of the Tag Explorer, which lessens its usefulness for YouTube SEO.

Even so, if you’re just establishing your YouTube channel, it’s a good alternative.

Only paying customers have access to TubeBuddy’s mobile app’s unlimited usage. The specifics of its three tiers are as follows:

The cost per month for the “Pro” is $3.00. A 50% discount, or barely $4.5, is available if your channel has fewer than 1,000 subscribers.

The “Star” costs $9.49 a month and comes with Pro capabilities in addition to sophisticated planning, monetization, and productivity tools.

The most expensive tier is “Legend,” which costs $24.49 per month. The whole feature set that TubeBuddy has to offer is included. You may analyze your competitors’ strategies, test your YouTube videos, and monitor your channel’s search engine rankings. Do you want the ability to manage several channels? Additionally, TubeBuddy offers business plans.

Annual payments will save you money. We have a 20% discount on each of these tariffs.

Who can use TubeBuddy?

More than 3.5 million YouTubers use this technology, according to TubeBuddy. But this tool is beneficial for those who are not YouTubers as well, so if you are:

Affiliate marketer

Content creator and also if you are:

Controlling and expanding a brand through YouTube takes a lot of work. By using this tool, you can save time that can be used to develop other aspects of your business.

As a company, it will take less time and be less stressful to manage the YouTube channels for your clients.

Is TubeBuddy worth it?

Four distinct price categories are available from TubeBuddy. They offer three distinct premium plans in addition to a free version with certain restricted capabilities. Depending on your degree of content creating, you should choose the plan that is best for you. TubeBuddy is unquestionably worth the price.


One of the most well-liked YouTube tools is TubeBuddy for good reason. You can maintain and expand your YouTube account with the help of its robust features. Because everything is integrated into your current and new YouTube dashboard, using it is also quite simple.

How do you feel about TubeBuddy? Please share your experiences in the section below.

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