StormGain Review 2022 ( Full Guide )

Looking for a comprehensive StormGain 2022 review? Is the StormGain Mining App Reliable? If you are looking for the best place to start your trading, you are on the right track. The number of crypto trading platforms has grown in recent months, but only a few are capable of providing the best user experience. Storm Gain has established itself as a popular Cloud Mining and Crypto trading platform with a variety of features. However, before making the switch to StormGain, it is critical to understand its products, fees, sign-up process, reviews, pros and cons, and much more.

As a result, in today’s Storm Gainreview, you will find answers to these questions as well as information on how StormGain can help you improve your cryptocurrency trading strategies.

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Stormgain overview

What is stormgain

Stormgain main functions

Stormgain key features

Stormgain pros and cons

What users think about stormgain

Final Conclusion

StormGain Overview :

Vendor: StormGain’s Co-Founder and CEO is Alex Althausen.

Product name: Stormgain

Launch date: 2019

Official site: Click here

Support: 24/7

Refund policy: StormGain LLC does not issue refunds due to the nature of our business. The only exception is if you do not hold a verified account with StormGain LLC and are not a User of StormGain LLC.

Niche: Cryptocurrency

Recommend: Highly Recommend

What Is StormGain?

Its trading system is risky and limited, its fees are extremely high, and its support is extremely poor. Overall, there are many better platforms to use if you want to earn cryptocurrency online.

In essence, StormGain functions as a cryptocurrency exchange. Investors and regular users use it as a broker for leveraged trading all over the world. Additionally, it has a unique integrated wallet that supports multiple currencies. Stormgain is an all-in-one platform that can benefit any cryptocurrency trader in a variety of ways. The exclusive Cloud Miner tool and the lucrative Loyalty Programme are just two of its many distinctive features.

Additionally, signing up and logging in to Storm Gain are simple processes. In this StormGain review, we investigate the platform to see how trustworthy and secure it is.

The crypto trading platform has been rated in this review based on its primary features, crypto wallet, trading platform, and more

Stormgain main functions

StormGain is a cryptocurrency service provider. This platform was discovered in 2019 by Alex Althausen.

The company operates in accordance with the crypto trading regulations in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. StormGain has yet to be fully regulated and accepted by the world’s crypto-friendly markets. It has, however, recently gained significant traction and impressive momentum.

StormGain has been available to crypto enthusiasts in over 100 countries since its inception. Every day, it has over 120,000 active users. The company is also well-known for its sponsorship of Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) for the 2019-2020 Premier League season. StormGain was featured in nearly all leading online media publications that promote innovative investment services in the cryptocurrency market in 2021.

The primary functions of The online crypto trading platform can also be tried out on a demo account. StormGain has three major product/service categories, which are as follows:

StormGain Crypto wallet is a cryptocurrency trading platform.

These three categories contain the vast majority of StormGain’s features and functionalities.

Let’s just quickly show you what this platform can do and it’s benefit.

StormGain Cryptocurrency Exchange

To begin, StormGain has a fully functional decentralized exchange for almost every major cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. When used for margin trading and investing, users can benefit from this best cryptocurrency exchange. The desktop exchange platform provides a user-friendly experience with a customizable dashboard that allows the user to browse and view all rising and falling assets.

StormGain’s instant exchange makes it simple to purchase cryptocurrency. It simply accepts credit cards and allows users to purchase digital currencies—most users appreciate the super-fast purchase process provided by StormGain’s instant exchange. Furthermore, the exchange is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has sufficient leverage to keep things affordable and cost-effective.

Trading Platform StormGain

StormGain has some unique crypto trading features when compared to other trading platforms. Users can select from nine time frames to enable their trades with the greatest computing advantage. StormGain, unlike other trading platforms, can provide access to multiple charting tools at the same time. It can assist users in tracking trends and monitoring price movements. The platform’s full-screen mode is also useful for viewing all 40 technical indicators, which include third-party plugins from Stochastics and Ichimoku Cloud are also used.

StormGain users will be able to trade more than twenty cryptocurrency futures and smart contracts by 2022. Popular crypto trading pairs include Neo – Tether (USDT) and DASH – Bitcoin (BTC). StormGain users, like Coinbase and other platforms, benefit from the minimum deposit advantage. This means they can buy and hold coins at low prices and profit from them over time. The integrated crypto wallet supports the following currencies:






Bitcoin Cash

Much more

StormGain’s web terminal supports more than ten languages, including English, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, German, and Spanish. The in-platform live chat feature is excellent for resolving trade-related issues. The video tutorials, in particular, are extremely useful for new cryptocurrency traders and newcomers to the market StormGain is available as a website, and traders can use it as a web application in their browser apps. To be able to browse advanced features, it is necessary to complete the registration form process, which is quick and simple.

Cryptocurrency Wallets StormGain

Reviews of Stormgain claim that the e-wallet feature is a necessity for traders and investors. It gives them a safe location to add or remove money from StormGain. The cryptocurrency assets that can be withdrawn from StormGain may be limited by third-party wallets. However, it has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet that efficiently handles all deposits and withdrawals. In this manner, cryptocurrency traders and investors can easily transfer their held cryptocurrency assets and store them on wallets compatible with StormGain or use the wallet to withdraw their digital assets using credit card transactions.

Deposits and withdrawals are the two primary operations of StormGain wallets:

Deposit: Anyone who wishes to invest or trade with real money may do so in their StormGain user account. The wallet enables the user to either buy Bitcoin using a credit card or transfer Bitcoin they already own to the StormGain wallet. Additionally, it allows the transfer of five additional cryptocurrencies. The transfer of already-held cryptocurrencies happens more quickly. Users can choose from a list of cryptocurrency wallets that StormGain supports and integrates. The phrase “Deposit” is available on the wallet page’s right-hand side. To view all of the wallet’s deposit features, select this option.

Withdrawal: Traders may withdraw their cryptocurrency holdings by transferring them from their StormGain wallet to another wallet. Investors are at the moment unable to transfer their cryptocurrencies to bank accounts in order to withdraw them. The fact that StormGain does not support the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat currency is one of its main drawbacks. Additionally, it’s important to choose a wallet only from the options listed in order to withdraw cryptocurrency. The “Withdraw” option is present on the interface’s right-hand side. The user needs to enter the other wallet’s destination address here. The QR code can also be pasted here by the user.

It is crucial to enter accurate information when withdrawing because there is no retrieval or refund policy for assets permanently lost due to incorrect information.

The Registration Process for StormGain

On StormGain, registering is a simple process. Visit the StormGain platform via the web or a mobile app to create a new user account. Ensure the stability of your internet connection. Even though it only takes a few minutes, a loss of connection can stop it in its tracks right away.

To register an account, traders must first supply a working email address and phone number. Following that, they must decide which digital currencies they want to trade. Currently, no ID-related paperwork is necessary for the procedure. Based on their ability to trade and their history of credit card payments, it verifies the users. Before registering, new users can test the demo account.

Interface for StormGain

The website functions as an all-in-one application and is accessible via the web and mobile devices. The StormGain platform’s user interface provides comprehensive information on the exchange as well as how to store and trade cryptocurrencies.

The interface ensures that the traders are engaged and have a good time. The constant accessibility to signals, charts, technical analysis, and push notifications makes the interface more user-friendly The platform’s mobile crypto mining interface is also very helpful.

Both Windows and iOS devices can access the website. On their smartphones and tablets, users can download and set up the StormGain mobile app. This platform can run smoothly on mobile and smart devices that support the iOS and Android operating systems. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play now offer StormGain.

StormGain – Education and Training

The training courses on this website are very simple. Even for beginners, learning how to trade is simple. The platform provides a wealth of resources to teach users how to make good trade profits using the most recent and tested techniques.

With a profitable multiplier, StormGain makes commissions on cryptocurrency trading possible. Leveraged trading is available to users for up to 200 times their initial investment. Better commissions and high leverage are provided with larger investments.

StormGain offers beginner users attractive commissions and high leverage in comparison to most rivals. It is within everyone’s means. Additionally, one should be aware that the high leverage also results in numerous losses.

Trading Fees StormGain Levies

Additionally, the pricing options are quite affordable. The website clearly displays the trading commissions. The platform levies commissions and does not support spreads for cryptocurrency trading. On the USDT and BTC trading pairs, each user is typically required to pay commissions between 0.19 percent and 0.20 percent. On exchange services, this fee varies and can be anywhere between 0.095 percent and 0.25 percent.

Extra Services Offered by StormGain

Other services offered by the exchange make it very popular among crypto enthusiasts:

The loyalty program at StormGain

For major traders and professional investors, StormGain Loyalty is intended. It has a total of 5 levels, with numerous advantages offered at each level. By succeeding in their trades or investments, the investor or trader can reach these levels. things happening on the platform. These tiers’ standings are based on a particular ratio of trading volume and account balance size.

The following is a summary of the Loyalty tiers:

Standard: It is created with zero trading volume and account balances under 499 Tether (USDT).

Gold: It is intended for trading volumes exceeding 150,000 USDT per day and trading accounts exceeding 499 USDT.

Platinum: This level is available to users with an account balance of at least 1,499 USDT and a daily trading volume of at least 750,000 USDT.

Diamond: This has a trading volume greater than 2.25 million USDT and account balance limits of 4,999 USDT or more.

VIP: This level is reserved for accounts with a balance of at least 49,999 USDT and a trading volume of at least 7.5 million USDT.

These programs’ advantages also include a variety of exchange commissions and discounted trading. Additionally, it aids users in receiving a deposit bonus on the money added, with the percentage ranging from 5% to 15%. Only Gold to Diamond tier members are eligible for this deposit bonus benefit; the Standard Loyalty program is not included. However, VIP members are eligible for each deposit bonus benefit individually.

Free StormGain Bitcoin Miner

A separate menu on the website is dedicated to the BTC cloud mining tool. The user can register here and access a page for the Bitcoin Miner. The “Activate” button can be clicked by the user to receive a bonus for using StormGain to mine.

A user can earn Bitcoin mining rewards each day by performing these tasks repeatedly. As a process, it aids them in accelerating their mining rate and enhances their capacity for trading or exchanging.

On Deposit Interest

Users of StormGain can purchase cryptocurrency right from the website. Given that the minimum deposit is only 50 USDT, they can use their credit card or debit card. They must pay a 5% commission on the deposit with this 50 USDT minimum deposit.

A 50 USDT minimum deposit is needed to make a withdrawal as well. Transfers are made from the Stormgain wallet for all deposits. Withdrawals are also subject to this minimum requirement, which is 50 USDT. All withdrawals are subject to a 0.1 percent fee from the platform.

The platform’s deposit transactions take up to 30 minutes on average. Using the website’s wallets to withdraw money or make deposits is incredibly simple. It’s important to know that PayPal is not accepted on the platform.

StormGain gives its investors a respectable bonus interest on each sizable deposit. Users are given the option to store cryptocurrencies on the platform and earn interest on their deposits. StormGain wallets are capable of calculating user deposits between 100 and 50,000 USDT. These deposits are eligible to receive interest payments of 10% annually. The traders are required to commit for a minimum of 30 days based on the deposits they have.

At 21:00 GMT, the account balance is used to calculate the daily interest. The equity method is used to increase this amount of interest further. Simply put, the interest is added as a bonus at the end of the day using the total account balance that is still available.

Crypto Trading Signals from StormGain

StormGain is renowned for providing precise and opportune trade signals It offers this service without charge. These signals serve as very helpful suggestions for producing better outcomes. Users can support their investment plans with help from Stormgain trading experts.

These signals were created with AI by StormGain experts using a variety of analytical methods. These experts generate high-quality signals using news about market movement, technical performance indicators, and chart-based technical analysis.

These trade signals are sent to all StormGain investors and seasoned traders. Every few hours, they are moved around. Additionally, by providing these signals, they are able to more accurately determine when to set stop loss orders or raise profit margins. Reviews of StormGain claim that the company’s trading signal specialists have a 70 percent forecast accuracy rate.

Stormgain Key features

  • Simple to Use
  • convenient interface
  • Low fees
  • Very active customer support
  • Loyalty program for free Stormgain mining rewards
  • Leverage options for Islamic and demo accounts
  • Mobile Trading: iOS and Android users can download the Stormgain app.

Countries that are allowed and not allowed to use stormgain.


Regional acceptance is subject to strict guidelines at StormGain. It welcomes investors and traders from the nations below.




the country of the UK



South Africa




Not Allowed:

Tradespeople from nations like these are unable to use StormGain due to regional acceptance.

States of America









Pros and Cons


The exchange supports trading and exchanging of all major cryptocurrencies

it offers users a free cryptocurrency wallet

 simple verification

an intuitive user interface

increased data and personal information security

opportunities for passive income (deposit and mining)

no trading commissions

fees are only activated on profitable trades

They support the major languages of the world.


There are no instruments on the cryptocurrency exchange that use fiat money, and there is no popular way to store cryptocurrencies.

It is not a worldwide platform

Users Feedback

Does The StormGain Work Well For New Users (Beginners)?

You have access to a simple and hassle-free trading experience with the StormGain App and browser mode. For beginners to explore and learn more about StormGain, the platform also provides tutorials, demo accounts, and blogs sections. The exchange also offers basic and sophisticated charting tools, and the trade signals can aid novice traders in identifying profitable trading opportunities.

Final Conclusion

Our evaluations indicate that StormGain’s platform is best suited for new users. It makes cryptocurrency trading simple for beginners. For experienced investors, it has a feature called Cloud Miner. StormGain offers the most reasonable trading fees, as we have already mentioned in this review. In addition to supporting multiple currencies, it has effective margin trading capabilities. The review of StormGain covered a number of the platform’s features. You can browse advanced features using this. Simply put, StormGain streamlines the cryptocurrency trading process. We strive to present you with the most current and accurate information possible in this StormGain review. You can find updated and more detailed information on the StormGain website by visiting this article. Click here to sign up.

Good luck.


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