How To Start Making Money With Memes (FULL DETAILS)

Unbelievable as it may seem, people really make money from making online memes. Unknown to many, money is frequently the motivating factor behind the enormous popularity that memes garner.

Of course, if people didn’t find memes amusing in the first place, they wouldn’t be as common. The entertainment they offer is another motivating factor, as is maybe the media and the components of it that have an impact on the rise in popularity of memes. However, the main reason memes are so well-liked in the modern world is their high monetary value.

Let’s take a step back and address the initial query that was undoubtedly present in many of your minds when you read the first paragraph.

What Is Meme, or What Are Memes?

An Internet meme, or simply a meme, is an idea, behavior, picture, or fashion that circulates online—most commonly through social media platforms. Diverse online groups may have different definitions of what constitutes a meme, and these definitions may evolve over time.

A cultural idea, practice, mannerism, or usage that passes from one person to another. 2: a genre of hilarious or intriguing items that are extensively shared online, particularly through social media (such as a captioned image or video).

A captioned image or video that spreads its culturally pertinent message through social media is known as a meme. Memes have grown to be a big component of viral marketing, claims SproutSocial. On social media, memes are frequently shared and posted to elicit laughter.

But memes aren’t merely created or shared for amusement. Even businesses use memes to share humorous material, show off their personalities, and boost audience engagement. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that some people have discovered ways to generate money from memes, even though the majority of us like memes for a good chuckle.

How To Create A Meme?

I think it’s important to first understand how to make successful memes before we get into a deep discussion on generating money with memes. It is essential to look beyond our enjoyment of memes as something hilarious or thought-provoking because the purpose of this piece is to shed light on monetizing memes.

To Build A Social Media Account

Understanding the function of social media throughout the process is crucial if you’re looking to produce memes that make money. Memes are found in social media, as we are all aware. A meme might be compared to a family member residing on social media.

Now, memes can’t flourish and spread like wildfire without a strong ceiling. Because of this, I think it’s essential to increase your social media following so that your memes may be seen by even more people. Thank goodness, memes are now simple to share and retweet with just one click thanks to social media.

Make or post memes that your audience will appreciate.

Despite the fact that memes can be made about anything, it is advisable to choose memes that can be made around a niche. The type of audience you hope for depends on your niche. For instance, parenting-related memes will draw in parents, whereas cat-related memes will draw in cat owners. For For instance, a cat owner audience wouldn’t care if you made and posted memes about engineering.

Having said that, can you fathom the level of discussion or interaction cat memes generate among cat owners? Yes, the appropriate information will encourage better dialogue and engagement with the appropriate audience.


Memes are often shared on social media platforms. Indeed, the number of shares is one indicator of virality. If you have created and shared an original meme, you should watermark it with your social media account to prove that it belongs to you. In this manner, your social media account will continue to receive credit even if someone tries to steal your meme or keeps sharing it.

How Can You Make Money From Your Meme? MY PERFECT LIST

  1. Create A YouTube Channel Meme

The fact that YouTube offers a wide variety of monetization possibilities makes it an ideal platform for making money from memes. Another popular platform where you can make money is YouTube, which has millions of users.

Many individuals create compilation videos of memes and upload them to YouTube. Numerous these videos receive thousands of reviews.

But how precisely can you profit from YouTube?

Really, it’s very easy. Once your channel has attained a certain number of views, you are qualified for the YouTube Partner Program. You get paid as a YouTube Partner from the advertising that appear on your videos.

YouTube itself doesn’t disclose how many videos authors make money on the site, although online reports indicate that it can range from $0.25 to $7 each video. for every 1,000 views on each video.

You can’t start making money right now on YouTube since you need to amass enough views to be eligible for the YouTube Partner program. But after you’ve done that, you’ll get paid. Additionally, some YouTubers get income by producing sponsored videos for businesses or by highlighting businesses in their films. Others get money by selling goods. 

Note: It’s a good idea to make your own memes if you want to keep from running into copyright problems.

  1. Sell Your Meme At Fiverr

On Fivver, you can earn money doing just about anything you can imagine. Memes are obviously included in that. Yes, many freelancers sell their memes there for prices ranging from $5 to more than $20.

Actually, the price range for a service is $5 to $10,000. However, the website does charge a 20% commission.

Making money on Fiverr isn’t always an easy procedure because you’ll be up against other meme-selling sellers. However, if you succeed in getting your first client and deliver excellent service, you’ll expand your clientele and appear in more search results.

A helpful suggestion is to compile a portfolio of the memes you’ve made so that you may display them to others. prospective customers. This may aid in your first job placement. You can start earning money on Fiverr by selling memes once you have a few satisfied customers.

  1. Open A Zazzle Account To Sell Your Meme

Do you want to get your memes printed on a variety of items, like phone covers, mouse pads, mugs, and t-shirts? It’s possible with Zazzle!

One of those print-on-demand websites is Zazzle, where you can create and market t-shirts and a variety of other personalized goods. Additionally, you can sell the things that have your memes printed on them.

The beautiful thing about Zazzle is that it takes care of all order fulfillment and customer service issues for you.

More than 1,500 blank products can be customized, allowing you to expand your business. You receive commission for each sale, and conveniently, you may choose your own royalties for your sales between 5 and 99 percent.

If you’re seeking to launch your own, check out Zazzle.

  1. Open An Etsy Meme Acount And Start Selling

Opening an Etsy store is by far one of the easiest methods to start selling memes.

Etsy is one of the most well-known online markets for handmade goods, printable art, and crafts, receiving millions of visitors each month.


Additionally, Etsy enables you to operate your own online marketplace where you can sell handmade or purchased goods. At fact, I’ve even attempted to sell meme-related goods on Etsy before in a store I created for bespoke mugs:


This was my Meme Etsy Shop’s old Instagram Account. which in fact caused two sales prior to me being slapped with a copyright claim.

Currently, Etsy is a cutthroat industry, and memes are no exception.

Spend time developing your business if you want to be a top seller on Etsy. your ratings and the standing of the shop. You’ll also need to improve the SEO of your store to increase organic visibility.

But the most popular meme pages on Etsy are thriving. Just have a look at places like Wall to Wall Memes, for example:


On Etsy, they’ve sold more than 2,500 items, all of which are meme-related products!

Don’t give up now or think it’s too late to start participating in memes. Because I manually promoted my store on Instagram by following and DM-ing users, I was able to make 2 sales.

Early traffic and revenue indicators from my earlier Etsy experiment

But it is difficult, but not impossible.

I wholeheartedly endorse using Etsy if you’re artistic and talented with design. 

as a means of using memes to gain money.

Additionally, you don’t have to manufacture the stuff yourself if you utilize a service like Printify to generate print-on-demand merchandise for memes that you can sell!

I used Printify to fuel my print-on-demand endeavors after doing so to begin selling meme mugs on Etsy.

Join Printify to start earning money by selling merchandise with funny faces!

Additional Reading: How to Launch an Etsy Sticker Company.

5.Promote Your Meme On Instagram

Okay, so this concept is undoubtedly very competitive.

Memes can still be used on Instagram to make money, though. Typically, there are 2 ways to start a successful Instagram meme account:

Option 1: To get followers, start an Instagram meme account, and then sell sponsored posts or advertisements.

Option 2: Sell items with funny memes to monetize an Instagram following.

I’ll quickly summarize the two choices and offer my assessment of their viability.

Basically, option 1 entails setting up a meme account in order to attract followers quickly. There are many instances, and I’m confident you’ve come across a story like this before. 

Memes are what these accounts mainly post. However, they occasionally post sponsored content or advertise different businesses on their story in exchange for payment.

Influencer marketing is still a thing, as I explain in my essay on how to make money on Pinterest. Businesses are eager to pay you to market their goods and services if you have a following.

Major Instagram meme accounts are making a ton of money right now. But there’s also a chance.

Instagram has complete control over everything on their platform, and if you break any of the rules, you’re out. See for yourself by looking at how this $4,000 per month meme account was banned.

The process also requires a significant amount of time and commitment to get started, as this Reddit thread explains:

In all honesty, I like method #2, which entails monetizing an Instagram fan page or company page with meme material due to competition and risk.

Here’s another illustration from the Holy Land Memes page, (I love history, what can I say).

This kind of account management offers a few advantages.

First off, you can definitely monetize considerably faster because your followers are presumably far bigger lovers of your particular material than a general meme-page.

Second, by increasing visitors to an online store, you can also make sales without being totally dependent on Instagram.

In this case, Holy Land Memes offer some really cool items, and I assume that this is ultimately a respectable (and enjoyable) side business for the proprietor.

6. Promote Your Meme On RedBubble

On the website Redbubble, you may sell the merchandise with your memes. RedBubble is a good option to consider if you’re looking for something simple and don’t want to deal about printing memes on goods yourself.

Selling items on the website is quite simple. In essence, you upload your memes, and when a buyer buys them, Redbubble prints them and takes care of everything—including shipping—for you.

On a wide variety of products, including phone covers, mugs, and t-shirts, you can have your memes printed on demand.

With Redbubble, you also have a lot of control over your revenue. The website does not deduct a fixed percentage of your sales. Redbubble instead has a set pricing for each item, which is essentially  how much it will cost the website to print and market your goods. Then, as your artist margin, you may choose your own fee per sale. It is first set at 20 percent. However, you can alter the commission percentage. The base price plus the artist margin make up the total retail price that the buyer is ultimately charged.

These are a few of the characteristics that distinguish it from numerous other websites like Redbubble.

What Are The Fastest Way To Make Money On Meme?

What is the quickest way to profit from memes?

Sincere to say, all of the ways to make money with memes require patience. Some, like YouTube and Instagram, demand that you gain a following before you can start earning money, while others, like RedBubble and Zazzle, demand that you generate sales before you can start turning a profit.

How do meme accounts Make Money?

Meme accounts on platforms like Instagram and YouTube generate revenue by:


promoted brand content

Merch Sponsored content

May I sell my memes?

Yes! Your memes can be purchased on:

Etsy\sRedbubble\sZazzle\ Instagram\Fiverr. For more information, be sure to look at the sections for those websites above.

How are Instagram memes profitable?

As I previously stated, Instagram users can profit from their memes in two different ways. To begin with, they can be compensated for posting sponsored content or promoting products on their account. However, Instagram users need a sizable following to do this.

Second, Instagram users can earn money by selling merchandise with funny memes.

Do memes have copyrights?

This is a challenging query. It can be argued that the fact that a meme creator doesn’t just upload a picture that someone else took but instead adds text to it or modifies it in some other way affects the original work and might make it eligible for the Fair Use Doctrine. In the United States, the doctrine of fair use, which is a part of the Copyright Act, permits the restricted use of copyrighted work without your consent.

needing to request permission from the owner of the copyright.

Instead of getting into great depth right now, I’d like to direct your attention to this article, which covers everything about copyright for meme creators.

I’ll also add that it is definitely NOT advisable to use characters from popular shows, TV shows, or movies, like SpongeBob SquarePants, if you intend to sell merchandise with memes on it. There, you will violate someone else’s copyright.

You should avoid using overtly marketed imagery, characters, or brands, in my opinion. When selling memes on merchandise or through social media, it is preferable to stay with original content because using copyrighted photos can result in account suspension. There are numerous photographs available online that are royalty-free. sites like Unsplash that host memes.

Final Opinion:

At the end of the day, making a living off of memes is a pipe dream.

However, with a little imagination, you can turn your passion of memes into a little passive side income or hobby.

My advice is to start a niche Instagram account or go the POD way, but the world is full of options…

If anything, Slim Jim boy taught us that.

Best wishes for your experience, whatever that may be. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor to sell memes online!

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