How To Make Money Online On GTA 5 (Full Guide)

These days, entering the Grand Theft Auto 5 online mode can be a little intimidating. As soon as you finish the tutorial in the game, you start getting a ton of text messages and phone calls from NPCs asking you to conduct errands all around Los Santos as more skilled gamers stalk you like prey with tanks and flying motorcycles. However, how can one reach that level of senseless vandalism? Obviously, through earning money.

But it’s not quite that easy. Earning enough money might be challenging for beginner players in GTA Online because there are so many different ways for players to spend their hard-earned money, such as on new cars, guns, buildings, and revenge against their arch-nemesis.

We can help if you’re desperately looking for information on how to make money in GTA 5 online. If you continue reading, you’ll learn how to convert the dust in your wallet into something a little bit more helpful, and you’ll soon be living it up in the Diamond Casino & Resort penthouse.

How To Make Money Online On GTA 5 ?

First off, you should be aware that the game offers a ton of additional ways to earn money besides those that are listed below, like racing, deathmatches, missions, and a variety of other game modes. However, after 2013, the return on your time investment has not increased, making these less effective than more recent techniques. Shark Cards have never been a poorer value proposition due to the fact that the amount of money you receive has not increased since 2013 and the price of GTA Online vehicles, weapons, and other sundries has been rampantly inflationary. Avoid.

Older occupations may be helpful for new players to begin with, and ultimately, as long as you’re having fun with your game, making money will come automatically. However, we’ll concentrate primarily on efficient ways to maximize your financial gain.

For new players, obtaining the $2.2 million required to purchase the Kosatka submarine, which opens the Cayo Perico robbery, is the only way to use the current approach. To learn more, look up the names of anything mentioned here on the GTA wiki.

Quick tip to make money on GTA 

  • Start by completing the three unique scavenger hunts for a combined $250,000. They include Los Santos Slasher, Bounty Targets for Maude, and the Ultimate Treasure Hunt.
  • In a similar vein, finish the collector tasks for movie props and signal jammers to get $150,000 each.
  • Every day, spin the casino’s lucky wheel for a chance to win more cash or chips (which can be converted to cash).
  • Pay attention to the weekly double and triple money game modes and take part in them together with the various assignments until you reach $2.2 million.
  • Purchase the Kosatka, then proceed with the Cayo Perico theft.
  • Things will move more quickly after you pull off your first theft.
  • We will be able to purchase better tools and vehicles to move things along faster—give the Kosatka priority for the Sparrow chopper.
  • After this, there’s a constant loop of speeding up the Cayo Perico theft, honing your abilities, and purchasing tools that will let you do it even faster, until you’re earning about $1.5 million every hour. The rest of the game can be enjoyed as you use the additional money-making strategies listed here to augment your current strategy.

GTA Heist

Heists are the best way to generate money if you have three companions and one of you has a high-end apartment (specifically the Pacific Standard Heist). To complete the assignments as swiftly and effectively as possible, you’ll need to ensure that all of your skill levels are high enough, but if you can get things done without wasting time, your bank account will quickly grow. If there are only two or three of you, the Doomsday Heists are a good choice, but they have a higher startup cost because you need to buy a more expensive facility. Again, though, if you complete the heists as quickly as possible, you’ll earn a lot of money. Internet resources and a few pals who share your objectives will support you in this. If you don’t have anyone to work with, keep in mind that you can complete the most recent GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist alone.

Special And Vehicle

Earn $300k in an hour.

These two strategies may enable a solitary player to earn the most per hour while juggling other activities in between jobs. Both of these need you to have an office building and a car warehouse, which can be expensive outlays, but if you concentrate on these two areas, you’ll soon recoup your investment. With regard to vehicle cargo, you should source enough vehicles to fill your warehouse with each of the 10 different standard and mid-range cars—without any duplicates—so that every subsequent source mission will provide a top-range vehicle. After that, all you have to do is keep exporting high-end vehicles and acquire new ones that are waiting to be exported when the timer permits.

VIP Work

Earn $150k in an hour.

Speaking of “when the timer allows,” you should maximize your playing time if you intend to go all-out with the money grinding. In this situation, VIP work is useful. You can select “VIP Work” and pick from a variety of free roam missions to do if you start an organization as a VIP or CEO from the interaction menu. These will increase your hourly pay and are a terrific way to pass the time between, say, exporting vehicles. If you only concentrate on these, they won’t yield you the same returns as other strategies, but they make good filler jobs. Missions to try include Headhunter, Hostile Takeover, and Sightseer.

Gunrunning And Motorcycle

Profit : $180k in an hour

The beauty of these businesses is that they generate income passively, despite the fact that their projected profit numbers may not sound great. This means that while you are making money somewhere else, they will be producing goods for you to sell at a profit. To maximize your earnings using these passive strategies, purchase a bunker for GTA Online gunrunning or a motorcycle club and cocaine business. When you’re ready to sell anything at a profit, your firm will turn the supplies you buy or steal into the final product. The only thing you’ll need to do to receive your profits if you really purchase materials (which is frequently the best course of action from a money vs. time standpoint) is to sell your accumulated product via a task when it’s convenient for you. ready. The best course of action if you’re a solitary player is to sell frequently, since if you wait too long, your stock will increase to the point where the sell mission will require several individuals.

Time Trials

Earn $80k in an hour

If you’re skilled at them, these free-roaming races against the clock can be a good source of income. Similar to a VIP job, you’ll be able to complete a new time trial every week in between other ways to earn money, and for a brief period of driving, you’ll receive a one-time payment of $50,000. Some can be challenging, so it will be useful to look out for internet guides for the time trial that is in effect that week. Your profit margins will begin to decline as soon as you start taking more than 10 minutes to complete one of these, and you would have been better off using that time to accomplish something else.

Air Freight Cargo/NightClub

Potential earnings: lower than with other techniques.

Nightclubs are essentially a less profitable variant of gunrunning, while air freight cargo is a less profitable variation of special cargo. From a purely financial standpoint, you’ll be better off avoiding investments in these companies and concentrating on what has already been said. These are some additional choices to try to keep things interesting if you notice yourself growing bored. In the end, having fun with the game should come first, and if earning money starts to feel more like a chore, maybe the effort isn’t worth it. Always be aware of your motivations for working hard for money and the pleasure you derive from it.

Other Resources

There are other additional ways to get money, including contact jobs, competitions, etc., but the options mentioned above are by far the most lucrative. Heist teams that effortlessly cruise through Pacific Standard while running a Gunrunning Bunker, or lone players that deftly balance Vehicle Cargo, VIP Work, and a Gunrunning Bunker, can all make in the neighborhood of $500k per hour. However, that calls for some very committed and effective grinding, so if you’re interested in achieving those objectives, check out the resources listed below for more information.

Cayo Perico

Potential earnings per hour: $1.5 million

Kosatka submarine (minimum cost: $2.2 million) and membership in the organization (VIP/CEO) are necessary.

Method: Meet with Miguel Madrazo at the casino’s Music Locker. The Kosatka Submarine can then be purchased after that. From the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu, start a company as a VIP or CEO. Then, go to your Kosatka and begin the heist from the planning board. You’ll need to gather information about the island, finish various preparation missions, and then carry out the actual theft. As long as you concentrate just on what is necessary, it should take 45 to an hour to complete the robbery from the moment the intel is started. Given its acceptance and success, there are several online textual and video tips that can be helpful.

Advice: Everything may be completed alone and in a secluded lobby, unlike other heists. The majority of the time, doing it alone is also more profitable, And the hourly earnings potential dwarfs all other ways to get money in the game. To have your next heist set on hard difficulty and gain a 10% bonus, make sure to start it within 48 minutes of finishing your last one.

Auto Shop:

Potential earnings per hour: $300,000.

Auto Shop (minimum cost: $1.7m) and Organization Member (VIP/CEO) are requirements.

To purchase an auto shop via the in-game website, first visit the LS Car Meet. By selecting the SecuroServ option from the interaction menu, you can launch an organization as a VIP or CEO. To access contracts, which are effectively mini-heists, proceed to the job board. To earn the payout of roughly 170-180k each time, complete the two rather brief setup tasks and the finale.

In addition to fixing and delivering customer vehicles, the auto shop also finds exotic vehicles in free mode at random occurrences to export. Given the time commitment required, neither of them is really lucrative, so it is. It is advised to invest in the extra staff members and car lifts that the auto shop needs because it will take a long time to recoup those costs.


Potential earnings per hour: $300,000.

A facility (minimum cost: $1.25 million) and 1-3 buddies are necessary.

Approach: Make your way to the facility’s heist planning room and decide which heist act you want to start with. To begin the theft as a host, you will have to fork out money upfront. Work through the preparation, setup, and finale missions with one, two, or three buddies. As with the classic heists, assemble a team of respectable players because communication and ability are required to overcome it faster.

The missions will be a little bit more challenging and possibly take up more time if you complete these heists with two players as opposed to four, but The overall payment will remain the same. fewer participants. It is a good idea for the host of any heist to take 40% (4 players), 50% (3 players), or 60% (2 players) of the final heist earnings, with the other players taking an equal share of what is left, so that all players will earn roughly the same overall. The host of any heist doesn’t make any money during setup missions and has to spend money to start each. Paying to forego preparation missions is virtually never time or financially worthwhile.

Daily Objectives:

It should go without saying that you will receive a ton of new assignments to perform every day. You can finish all three of these easily and earn $25,000 for doing so. Rockstar will honor you if you continue to do this consistently over time. For a week’s labor, you’ll be paid $100,000, and for a month’s work, you’ll be paid $500,000.

Passive Income

You should start considering passive income whenever you are secure with the quantity of GTA cash you have on hand. That’s correct, you can make money for doing nothing besides carjacking, robbing casinos, and buying people’s personal insurance. Say hello to the cocaine trade and gun running in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Buy a bunker or a motorcycle club if you want to make about $80,000 per hour working very little. Your worker bees will turn this into a product (weapons or cocaine depending on the business you’ve chosen) by purchasing (or stealing) materials, which you can then sell for a profit.

The only additional step is transporting the merchandise to the customer once the deal has been agreed upon.

as there is in the trafficking of cocaine and illegal weapons. Just be careful not to keep your stuff around for too long or you might have to deal with more challenging sales assignments.

Other Methods

PayPhone Hits

Potential earnings per hour: $250k

Prerequisites: Agency ($2 mil Minimum Cost) 3 Security Agreements

Method: As stated in the section above titled “Agency Security Contracts,” complete three Security Contracts. Then Franklin calls you and opens Payphone Hits. After finishing the first job, you can call Franklin to request them at any moment. The first one will spawn at a random payphone position on the map. Each assignment can take one to two minutes to complete successfully, but the reward is a $85,000 profit. You must wait 20 minutes before starting a new mission.

Advice: The Assassination Bonus is the secret to making money from these assignments. Only $15,000 will be awarded for simply killing the target, but an additional $70,000 will be given for successfully completing the necessary method of the hit. Examples include shooting a bulldozer driver to cause the vehicle to run over the target or pursuing the target in a police car until they are killed in an accident. There are eight separate targets, and only organizations or motorcycle clubs with two or more members are eligible for two of them. Additionally, completing each assassination completely will earn you a statue for your Agency headquarters.

Premium race

Potential earnings per race: $80,000

A quick automobile or bike, and good racing skills are necessary.

Method: To begin the work, hover over the site of the premium race, which is marked on the map by a golden stunt wheel, or drive there. You’ll get $20k deducted from your bank account once the lobby has eight additional players. The race winner receives $100k, the runner-up receives $30k, and the third-place finisher receives their $20k entry money back. You must rank third or higher to recoup your investment.

Tip: Since it may take some time to fill a lobby and there is no assurance you’ll make money, premium races are unpredictable and a gamble. However, this can be highly profitable if you are skilled at racing, are aware of the stunt race that is being offered that week, and have a nice car (if you don’t already know which car to use, then you’re not ready for the premium race).

Money Event:

Use double money events to your advantage as a final piece of advise. Rockstar changes the ways you can double your money almost every week. Even with double money, there are situations when it won’t be as effective as the aforementioned techniques when it comes to racing or opponent modes. However, occasionally some of the aforementioned strategies, like gunrunning bunkers or vehicle cargo sales, may have a double-money week. If these double money events are for something profitable, the more options you have available to you, the more you may benefit from them. Do some grinding during the week if there is ever double money on heists (which is quite unusual).


That concludes our overview of ways to earn money in GTA 5 online. Naturally, you’ll have greater freedom to do what you want to do on the streets of Los Santos as you produce more and more paper. But if you’re in need of assistance and are short on cash, this is an excellent place to start.

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