How Do Only Fans Make Money

How Do OnlyFans Make Money? – Full Review

The membership platform OnlyFans has recently experienced a surge in popularity with the purpose of giving content creators a “new revenue stream” through subscriptions. It is a brand-new platform where content producers can stop relying on ad revenue and begin receiving payment directly from their followers. Due to its unlimited content policy, the platform has become highly popular in the adult sector and is now a viable alternative for any adult performer looking to monetise their work online.

What is OnlyFans’ business model? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among those who have observed OnlyFans’ transformation from a modest app to a well-liked center for famous people, professional adult models, and content producers to communicate with their followers/fans directly.

Fans must pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to content, which is not available elsewhere. It offers fans a more effective way to stay in touch with their favorite celebs.

It is now even more crucial to understand how OnlyFans makes money because thousands of content providers sign up for the platform every week.

On OnlyFans, content creators can earn money in three different ways: through monthly memberships, pay-per-view (PPV) content; and tips. Fans select the models they want to follow and pay a monthly fee to access their exclusive content. 80 percent of account revenue goes to the creator, while 20 percent goes to OnlyFans.

By establishing a paywall service for creators, OnlyFans generates revenue. They create content and demand money from their viewers. to get to it. Following that, OnlyFans keeps 20% of each transaction. Instead of charging authors a monthly service fee, the website chooses to keep a portion of every sale.

What is OnlyFans?

In the past, content creators who wished to profit from their work were forced to either launch a business or find employment with an employer willing to compensate them for their skills.

Today’s creatives may easily join a platform, connect with their audience, and earn money from their work. One of the most popular and significant content creation websites, OnlyFans, is an example of this.

Even though OnlyFans has been present since 2016, its popularity has greatly increased over the past year, mostly due to lockdowns and quarantines. For comparison, in 2019, there were just 60,000 creators on the site, and by 2021 there would be over one million. Let’s examine OnlyFans’ rapid ascent as well as its workings in more detail.

In a technical sense, OnlyFans is actually a social network that links producers with their followers. However, because the website doesn’t prohibit graphic adult content, it has primarily turned into a marketplace for aspiring sex workers to monetize their trade. The bulk of the creators on OnlyFans do offer sexual content, albeit not all of them do.

Similar functionalities to those on social media platforms can be found on OnlyFans. The home page is a collection of articles from everyone you follow (aka subscribed to). Additionally, there is a messaging facility where users can like and comment on posts as well as facilitate communication between fans and artists.

The ability for users to transact directly through the website distinguishes OnlyFans from other social networking platforms.

For instance, you cannot purchase material from another user on Facebook or Twitter. As an alternative, you must use a third-party service.

The only other features on OnlyFans are the home page and chatting.

How Do Only Fans Make Money?

Exclusive content is produced by creators and posted; subscribers pay for this content. A portion of those payments goes to OnlyFans. In actuality, OnlyFans retains a very respectable 20% of any subscription fees made. The more money OnlyFans produces, the more you can charge, and the more subscribers you have.

Let’s take a brief look at the features that are accessible to artists before we discuss how to set up your OnlyFans account and how you can make money online.

Up to 20 images, videos, and audio files with a minimum price range of $4.99 each may be sent.

You may now be wondering:

How can you genuinely get OnlyFans users to pay you?

There is an easy solution.

The top earners in the adult sector are those who already have a following through other video platforms or social media, which explains why, according to IB Times, beauty and self-interest predominate among the key psychological factors that drive admirers.

Using third-party channels for self-promotion is the most effective approach to making money. The algorithm used by OnlyFans alone is different from those used by YouTube’s priority content suggestions or Google’s search engine optimization. This is why developing a personal website with social networking, video, and streaming platforms, as well as The best course of action is to use Bluehost.

The key takeaway is to promote your Onlyfans channel the way you’d promote any kind of brand. Once you have made enough content, which does not violate any guidelines given by sites like Snapchat or Tiktok, it is always advisable to broaden one’s horizons. If your content is more conversational or can lead to a Q&A like cooking, visual design, or other DIY, you can choose channels like Reddit, Quora, or Twitter.

The ability to engage and interact with people is the best way to attract them to subscribe, follow, and even pay for anything you upload on Onlyfans. A lot depends on the type of content you decide to upload. This is why we’ll look at various content ideas that attract people to your OnlyFans account.

Who Uses Only Fans?

OnlyFans, where viewers may directly support their favorite sex workers, has evolved in recent years into something of a shorthand for programming that is intended for adults. However, there are lots of creators who stay away from XXX content.

For instance, prominent celebrities like Cardi B and Bella Thorne use the platform to connect with fans more directly than they might on other social media platforms.

There are plenty of admirers because OnlyFans has roughly 50 million registered users right now. The website has a global audience because it is accessible in most nations.

The user base will only grow as more famous people move to the website. OnlyFans’s graphic nature might eventually give way to a more PG-rated profile.

Only Fans’ Revenue And Growth Statistics

We don’t frequently get to see what goes on behind the scenes of something that is so brand new and expanding so quickly. However, you may learn more about OnlyFans’ current state of affairs and its development here.

Year Users Number sum total of all transactions 2017 OnlyFans’ Revenue 60,000 0 0 0

7 million $28 million in 2018

$60,6 million

20 million $65 million $13 million in 2019

2020 85 million

USD 2.7 billion

5.44% billion

2021 (Till July)

Thirty million

$600 million $3 billion

How Do Creators In Only Fans Make Money Online?

There are three main ways for creators to monetize their work. Here is a brief description of each one:


Most OnlyFans creators have chosen to hide their profiles behind a paywall. Users must therefore pay for access in order to view any material. Depending on the content developer and the plan chosen, monthly subscriptions can cost anywhere from $3 to $50, depending on the content developer and the plan chosen.

High-profile creators with sizable audiences typically charge a premium membership rate. The typical OnlyFans account will cost between $10 and $20.

On OnlyFans, the one-month signup option is the default choice for subscriptions. Therefore, users must enable their rebill setting if they wish to continue receiving content from a creator.

PPV (Pay-Per-View) Content.

Actually, there are two ways for content producers to give users PPV access.

They can first publish it on their wall, allowing any users to instantly subscribe and access the content. The second choice is to message users directly with the content.

In any case, after paying the charge, a subscriber has access to the content, which can be a picture, video, or audio file.


Any amount can be left as a tip for creators at any time. However, OnlyFans requires users to utilize money from their digital wallet for sums under $5.

(I will elaborate later.) Fans occasionally leave tips in the comments section of posts or submit them through SMS.

A creator will frequently request a certain tip amount and then send content as soon as the money is received. The content is not immediately locked behind a paywall under this method, unlike PPV content.

For the first four months, new users are limited to one tip of $100. The cap then increases to $200.

How Do Users Pay Creators?

Users can link numerous credit cards for payments when creating a profile. In order to receive those rewards, creators can additionally link a bank account. Users can purchase material or leave tips and get charged proportionally after a credit card is attached. They can also put money to their digital wallet as an alternative.

Users are limited to adding $10, $20, $50, or $100 at a time with this option. All subsequent transactions are made using the wallet. As a result, a user can pay $100 upfront and utilize it anyway they like rather than having 10 separate payments made to their card. Users will be charged for each transaction after the wallet’s funds are depleted.

How Do Creators Earn More Money?

It would seem logical that the website would want to make it simpler for authors to sell their work. In the end, that is how OnlyFans generates revenue.

The platform hasn’t really improved the usability of either side of its interface, either. As a result, the creator must put in a lot of effort and think of unique ways to monetise their content.

Top creators utilize the following strategies to make money:

Social Media Integration: Many producers use their social following to increase their income, even if OnlyFans doesn’t directly link to social networks (you may still connect your Spotify account, though). Most often, creators will direct their fans to the “link” on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter in order to promote their OnlyFans account.

Video and Content Editing – Since OnlyFans lacks a creative platform, content creators must create their work on a different platform before uploading it to OnlyFans. Creators must therefore learn how to edit movies and photographs, Which means that most of them are becoming much more tech-savvy out of necessity.

One-on-one chats are not available, despite the fact that users can message creators directly. Once more, producers must use external tools like Snapchat, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. Many people reportedly use OnlyFans to make tailored connections. In order to continue making money from their audience, creators must establish relationships with them.

Most creators struggle to monetize their work because the platform isn’t built for it.

following. Less than $145 can be made monthly on an average account. Creators, who operate as their own media company, can easily work full-time on content and marketing.

What Are The Most Effective Bio Ideas On Only Fans?

Check out the bios of the top OnlyFans earners to learn more about them. They all share this one characteristic. Through OnlyFans, they do not make any money.

Why, then, do they employ it? Promotion

Most influencers employ redirect links in their bios to send followers and subscribers to more recent platforms. As was previously noted, celebrities like Bella Thorne direct their fans to their Spotify and Amazon wishlists. Why? Due to the fact that she has amassed millions of admirers and followers, she is able to monetize her popularity through various projects and promotions. Should your OnlyFans account bio follow suit?

Only fans of Bella Thorne’s bio

That largely depends on how you want to make money off of an account. If social media, YouTube, or Vimeo are your platforms, redirecting fans from OnlyFans is the best strategy for the biggest platforms. The best course of action is simplicity if you’re new and have few supporters.

The best approach for your bio is to keep things straightforward and sincere. The best course of action is to introduce yourself and your work to the public because hundreds of accounts are established every day. Due to the browser’s impatience, this saves time and also targets people who are genuinely interested in your area and business.

About OnlyFans

Above is an example of a less well-known but still well-liked OnlyFans influencer who streamlines his account and uses his personal website to draw in additional viewers of the series, turning them into fans if they find content that satisfies their demands.

A Brief History Of Only Fans.

Although the website didn’t open until 2016, its developer, Timothy Stokely, had produced a few prototypes before then. In 2011, Stokely made his first step into the online realm with a website called GlamWorship. This endeavor was a fetish website that catered to a certain market within the adult content industry.

Stokely then created Customs4U, a platform where sex workers could create unique content for fans and sell it to them straight. The only difference between this strategy and OnlyFans was the absence of social media.

Last but not least, Stokely was motivated to create OnlyFans after learning that sex workers were advertising themselves on social media platforms like Instagram and then operating clandestinely by selling to customers.

Due to Instagram and other platforms beginning to tighten down on sexually explicit content, Stokely made the decision to create an open-access website.

The Making of History.


Today, we discussed OnlyFans’ revenue model and how it is applied to the internet revenue generation of adult influencers and performers. We dissected the price, the conversions, and the ways in which OnlyFans is altering the economics of this market. Additionally, we provided comprehensive instructions on how to begin working as a content creator and earning money with Onlyfans.

Being a very new business, OnlyFans hasn’t revealed very much about how it makes money. Their openness on social media and eagerness to engage in conversation makes it obvious that they are in the business with the goal of gaining a devoted following and long-term financial success.

It is true that social media sites like Instagram provide users an opportunity to feel confident in themselves. But they can benefit.

even more contentment with OnlyFans. That is because it also provides them with opportunities for employment.

Given OnlyFans’ rapid ascent, it is likely to keep dominating the amateur adult market. Though the platform’s days as an XXX-rated website may be numbered as more celebrities join, we’re interested in seeing if OnlyFans will advance or become more user-friendly or if a different rival will emerge and take the lead.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it and learned something. We did our best to include as much information as we could on their business strategy and revenue-generating methods.

Enjoy your day!

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