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11+ Best Email Marketing Books (To Read 2022)

Self-education in marketing currently encompasses a wide range of topics outside of marketing itself, including coding, copywriting, design, journalism, and more. You must not miss a new marketing strategy, a new tool or piece of software, or even a change in the policies of industry titans like Google or Facebook.

Self-education is accessible in a variety of formats, including webinars, podcasts, and online courses offered by different colleges. One form of educational content, however, has been around for all time. Books!

Many marketing books that were previously published digitally on websites like WarriorForum and DigitalPoint have emerged as great treasures and indispensable guides for both beginning and experienced marketers. The top email marketing books for intermediate and beginning email marketers will be discussed.

Email marketing is one of the most often used marketing strategies when it comes to promoting your goods or services online. But how to accomplish it quickly and effectively is the real issue. The greatest books and manuals on email marketing listed below can help you manage profitable email campaigns for your company in 2022.

What Is Email Marketing?

However, you might be surprised to hear that, if done correctly, email marketing can be a rapid and cost-effective way to sell your goods or services. It is an email-based marketing strategy. It improves company communications and targeting actual clients directly wherever possible.

You can advertise, sell, or transmit any kind of information to clients or consumers using this method. You can interact with them effectively with this kind of marketing. Additionally, you do it to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

This method of marketing reaches the target demographic swiftly while saving money, time, and space. You can speed up and automate your work with great email marketing software tools. With email software solutions, you can keep a list of email recipients based on many criteria. Emails can be created and automatically sent to certain recipients who have expressed interest in or made requests. By doing this, your business will win their trust and loyalty while boosting sales.

There are various methods you can run email campaigns. When someone visits your website or registers for your newsletter, you can send them a welcome message. Additionally, you can occasionally give updates on your products and announcements. Your website’s traffic will increase and its search engine rating will rise as a result. You may easily reach your target audience and maintain contact with them using an email tool to cultivate a purchase attitude.

But how can you run profitable email marketing campaigns? Anik Singal uses email marketing to generate over $10 million in annual affiliate marketing revenue. You too can carry out this task for any firm of yours!

It would be beneficial if you picked up some useful advice from savvy marketers. Using their advice and techniques, you may quickly and readily reveal the success.

rapidly. The following are, in my opinion and according to numerous reviews, the greatest books on email marketing (for both small and large businesses). For additional information on any book at Amazon, simply click on the title. Check out their Kindle eBook version as well for immediate reading.

What Are The Best Email Marketing Books?

1. Email Marketing for Dummies

Who is it for: Beginner-level newcomers and small company owners

What contents are covered in the book?

The fundamentals of email marketing

Creating an email campaign

Email marketing techniques

Email marketing advantages

delivery of emails.


List-building strategies

Email copywriting Email layout

Social media integration in email marketing

Subject line for emails


Email statistics

monitoring and evaluation.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Who is the author?

John Arnold is a professional marketer, educator, and business owner John Arnold. He has instructed several small business owners in email methods and strategies. He has also authored a number of books on various aspects of digital marketing.

He hopes to educate readers about the fundamentals of email marketing and offer some useful tips for

for use by marketers and proprietors of small businesses.

Kindle and ebook formats are available.

2. The New Email Evolution

Email marketers at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are its target audience.

What  are the contents covered in the book?

Making email copy perfect

Choosing an email template

Analytical monitoring of email

Deliverability of emails

Including media in the email

Email marketing challenges and solutions

Create compelling emails with an email CTA.

Who is the author?

Robert W. Bly is a copywriter and marketing consultant with decades of expertise in the industry. Throughout his lengthy career, he has authored more than 90 books on a variety of subjects. He also wrote this book to show you how to use best practices, tricks, and templates to enhance your email marketing.

Available formats are Kindle, Ebook, and Paperback.

3. The Email LifeLine

Email marketers at the beginner and intermediate levels are the target audience.

What are the contents covered in the book?

Simple methods for constructing lists

Campaign success is based on factors such as email marketing ROI.

selecting and promoting a quality product.

Email traffic value Event-based marketing

Who Is The Author

Email marketing specialist Anik Singal has been profiled in numerous international magazines, including Inc500, BusinessWeek, and many others. He hopes to share his knowledge on the subject through this book and provide you all the data you require to build a successful campaign.

Available in Kindle and Paperback formats

4. Email Marketing Demysfied By Mathew Paulson

To produce a ton of leads and sales, savvy marketers continue to use email marketing strategies. Writing engaging copy that generates millions in income is a skill that Mathew teaches you in this updated edition of the book.

Learn how to produce copy that inspires action from this book and how to use email marketing to generate six new sources of income. The author shows you how multimillion dollar businesses are now operating. Follow recommended practices to avoid sending spam-related emails. This must be read! It will make you stand out in any endeavor you undertake.

5. Email Marketing Mastery By Tom Corson-Knowles

Similar to the one before, this is a fantastic book that teaches the fundamentals of email marketing and is a wonderful option for novices. Through this book, you won’t just gain an understanding of how email marketing functions; you’ll also learn to evaluate whether the time and location are right for your business to implement email marketing campaigns. The book also provides a helpful checklist of 8 things to think about before setting up email campaigns.

This book demonstrates how to start your email marketing campaigns and get over several technological issues. This book covers everything, from creating your very first email list to interacting with your subscribers to creating email marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales.

With an available case study in addition to the previously mentioned 8

This book teaches email marketing newbies how to set up autoresponders and make the most of them.

A book with genuine, useful advice that is ideal for beginners. It’s a must-read for seasoned email marketers as well with a 5-star rating and numerous favorable reviews.

Purchase: Barnes & Noble $14.99, Free (Audible), $4.99 (Kindle) on (Paperback)

6. The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing For Online Businesses By Susan Gunelius

The two books mentioned above are ideal for professionals just starting out in email marketing, but Susan Gunelius’ book is a terrific option for sole proprietors and small business owners. This is your key to understanding the fundamentals of running a small business, whether it be offline or online, from email list development to generating revenue through email marketing strategies.

You will learn how to start with easy-to-use strategies like “freebie magnets,” “simple conversion funnels,” “basic list segmentation,” “targeted tactics,” and more in this useful book. This book should be read first if you want to make sure the proper message gets to the right individual.

The book’s second section discusses email list analysis,

Important metrics to pay attention to, proper personalization use, and even simple automated procedures.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, this book covers all the necessary fundamentals as well as subjects like conversion funnels, segmentation, personalization, automation, critical KPIs, and more.

Purchase: Barnes & Noble ($19.79), Amazon ($13.19 for Kindle), iBooks ($21.99), and Amazon ($14.57 for Paperback) (Paperback)

7.The Email Marketing Rules By Chad S. White

One of the leading authorities in email marketing, Chad S. White, became well-known through Twitter. He had the exceptional opportunity to collect and examine data from thousands of email marketers while serving as one of the top managers at Litmus, a well-known email marketing tool that has been available since 2005.

Even while Email Marketing Rules include invaluable information on email list creation, it also includes a ton of frameworks, checklists, and step-by-step instructions for email marketing in general. This book is ideal for you if you occasionally like to bypass the theory and jump right into practicing.

Although it is obviously not a book for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners will find it to be quite helpful.

In a nutshell: A wonderful book with

One of the leading authorities on email marketing, Chad S. White, offers useful frameworks, checklists, and instructions for developing email audiences.

Purchase on Amazon for $9.99 (Kindle) or $19.99. (Paperback)

8. Mastering Online Marketing By Magnus Unemyr

For anyone with an interest in sophisticated online marketing, the book is a great resource. This book on sophisticated web marketing is reportedly the most thorough one available. This book covers a wide range of marketing topics in addition to email marketing.

One of the most thorough books on advanced web marketing is this one. The foundations of sophisticated marketing automation systems are covered in the book. Additionally, a variety of content marketing strategies are covered. It will assist you in developing efficient marketing funnels and utilizing cutting-edge data analysis tools like Google Analytics to improve conversion rates.It will be an invaluable resource for you.

9. Email Persuasion By Ian Brodie

For email and digital marketers at the beginner and intermediate levels.

What are the contents covered in the book:

Basics of email marketing

integrating email marketing into your company’s strategy

Email marketing advantages

the steps to creating great campaigns

building a segmented email list

making interesting emails


Email branding

examples of ready-to-use templates

Who the author is

Ian Brodie is a marketing expert with decades of work experience. He works with companies to teach them how to promote and sell their goods.

He wants to assist you integrate emails into your company model and write compelling emails to help turn your subscribers into customers with this book.

Available formats are Kindle, Ebook, and Paperback.

10. Integrated Digital  Marketing By Eric Carlin

The First Playbook for Integrated Marketing using Retargeting, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing

One of the best-selling marketing authors, Eric Carlin, is the first book on our list. It is titled Integrated Digital Marketing. All aspects of digital marketing are covered in this book, including pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

This is a terrific book to use as the foundation for your self-educational journey because it will teach you tried-and-true email marketing tips as well as information about other digital marketing specialties and how to interact with your target audience online.

Briefly stated: An excellent read for newcomers and mid-level full-stack digital marketers covering all aspects of digital marketing email promotion. contains a case study and practical advice

Purchase: $2.99 (Kindle), $9.49 (Paperback) at Barnes & Noble; $9.49 (Paperback) at Amazon; free excerpt is available.

11. Zero To $1 Million By Tiz Gambcorta

From the beginning (building your first email list from scratch) to the end (making revenue only through email marketing), this book will guide you through the entire email marketing process. Tiz Gambacorta is a businessman and internet marketer with more than 15 years of experience, so he has more to offer than simply a theoretical understanding of email marketing. He is also more than a writer.. He created a dozen online enterprises that each brought in five to six figures each month for him.

You’ll discover how to develop lists, manage email campaigns, improve your messages and promotions, and produce emails that actually bring in money.

In summary, this book claims to teach you how to use email marketing to make 4 to 7 figures. I’m not going to lie; the headline is clickbait. did not work for me personally, but the advice from a successful email marketer who “pulled himself up by the bootstraps” will be useful for both new and experienced email marketers.

Purchase: Barnes & Noble, Paperback, $13.94; iTunes, Audiobook, $3.99; Audible, Audiobook, $3.95; Amazon, Kindle, Paperback, $9.95; free excerpt available.


Developing a solid and efficient email marketing plan enables you to communicate with clients and boost revenues immediately. Email marketing solutions, like other marketing strategies, make it easier than ever for your business to connect with clients.

Good Luck!

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