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HOW TO DO CPA MARKETING WITHOUT A WEBSITE : 3 Free Traffic Sources That Works Magic



In this article, I’m going to enlighten you on how you can make money with CPA marketing without any need to create a website.

I am going to reveal methods or a strategy which I use to promote offers and get traffic in CPA marketing and am also going to introduce you to a CPA marketing website that is very suitable for this.


The name of the website is called CPAGRIP.

CPAGRIP is a CPA affiliate network that provides several of the very best Cost Per Action (CPA) and Pay Per Download (PPD) offers out on the marketplace today.

It has these numerous deals that you can make money from and also advertise . 

It is a CPM network where you can actually get  a lot of tools like URL Locker, Content Locker, Offer Wall, and more — and an inventory of over 2000 incentive offers.

For those that don’t understand what

CPA Marketing is all about, it simply means Cost Per Action  affiliate marketing and that is to say that you do not need to actually sell a product . So people do not need to actually bring out their credit card or do more stuff like that. 

All they need to do is perform a specific action like submit their emails, zip code or their postal code or take a survey and then you get paid in return. 

People are willing to do this because there’s some kind of monetary offer of benefit attached when they perform these tasks. 

So it’s like a win-win situation whereby you as the publisher you win when you promote these offers and the person that performs the tasks also wins because he’s getting some kind of benefit and also the company is getting all of these leads also win.

So once you are on this platform what you want to do in order to make money with this type of marketing is to go to the website, click on to register and it’s going to take you to a page where all you need to do is to fill in your details and sign up and then confirm your email.

Then you will go on to your dashboard navigate to offer tools and click on my offers and you can start promoting various offers in different countries.



Now, the strategy that I personally use to promote these offers and make more money can be broken down into three steps


On the platform, I focus more of my campaign on offers that are for Top tier countries. Countries like the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and France.

I earn higher commissions when I promote offers pertaining to these countries. You can get these preferences in the My offers wall section, there you will see where you can change the countries and see the offers.

There is a unique way we can promote all our offers in one link. The website we can use to do this is called LINK TREE

Link tree is a platform that allows you add multiple links just in one link. This website helps you to connect all your audiences to all of your offers, so you need to actually sign up for

free and create an account. 

Using this website, you can promote many offers at the same time using just one link that will be generated for you. There’s a chance that one of your clients can decide to complete most of the offers which will increase your chance of making more money.


In this step, we will be talking more about the use of Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok and Youtube and how we can use them to promote our offers for free.

In using Instagram, you can create pages, posting contents like videos, images or banners advertising the offers you are trying to promote. Taking gift cards for instance, you can post images or banners and videos about free gift cards on your Instagram page and putting your link (i.e. the one you generated using LINKTREE)

You can also post all these on people’s Instagram channels where people create theme pages about gift cards. You can find several channels where you can promote your offers and share your link.

You can also do something similar like this on Pinterest by searching for places where people are asking about what you are promoting, still taking gift cards as an example and post some little content and post your link.

YouTube is also very useful in getting traffic. All you have to do is to create a YouTube channel and create short videos  promoting your offers. 

But actually, with this traffic you may not necessarily be getting traffic  directly from the United states but then it’s going to be mixed off you’re going to get some percentage from the United states.

But then there is a strategy which is not really free, but it’s worth the try; that is the use of Fiverr. 

You can employ a Virtual Assistant to help you complete the offers and then pay them from whatever you make.

There are several Virtual Assistant in Fiverr that you can pay as low as five dollars and ten dollars just to help you complete offers. You have to find people in the top tier countries to do this for you.

So this is what I do to make money in CPA Marketing without the need to actually create a website. Hope you get value from this article and I hope the strategy works for you too. Thank you and have a nice day.

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