ConvertKit Review 2022 – Best Email Software For Newbies

Just as influencers have lots of followers, so also does every successful business with an email list or multiple email lists.

As an entrepreneur, business owner or someone who aims to start up something, an email list is a prerequisite but no one has the time to start sending emails one after the other every single day and this is where convert kit comes into play.

What Is ConvertKit?

Convertkit review

Convertkit is an email marketing software made originally for online creators such as bloggers, video creators, podcasters, freelancers, consultants and the likes. It is a very powerful email marketing software that was made to make the work of Linking up with one’s customers easier via emails. 

According to statistics, in the past year, emails have been the best platform in terms of converting leads into sales and this is why email marketing should be taken very seriously. 

With convert kit you are given lots of professional templates to create sign up forms, to build up various email lists in different niches, to send personalized emails to those subscribed to your newsletters and to set up more than 20 swipe email automation. This way you can sleep while all of the job is done for you. 

Like I mentioned earlier, it was primarily made for online creators. It really didn’t start off like the successful email marketing software it is today but as a WebApp challenge which was announced in a blog owned by Nathan Bart on December 31th 2012.

This “WebApp Version” gained lots of traction and because of how people actually received it, it earned $6,000 in just 6 month. It was because of this massive growth that Nathan fully Launched it as an email marketing app in 2013 and since then  lots of business owners have been enjoying it. 


Clearly convertkit isn’t the most popular email market in software in the world but why do we  have a large percentage of email marketers using convert kit and why should you also choose convertkit? 

Here are a number of reasons;

1) Deliverability Rate:

Deliverability rate simply means the ratio of the number of your subscribers who receives your emails versus the total number of subscribers who you sent the emails to.

Online marketers and creators have been faced with lots of challenges, especially the fact that sometimes when an email is sent to 400 emails subscribers and it gets to only 200 emails of subscribers. This is bad for business.

These things happen because of lack of optimization, most times these emails tend to end up in the spam folder or worse still the promotional folders but with convertkit, you are given simple designs that help your emails land directly to the primary folder.

A wide range of email marketing templates have been given and organized for you in a way that they are not heavy on image, graphics and design which is the major reason why emails land in the spam box. 

2) Specific Tagging:

With convertkit the subscriber tagging functionality is so that you can tag a specific subscriber on your email list without any hassle via  bulk action inside the subscriber profile or when the click links in broadcast and sequences and this is a functionality many tools don’t offer.

The goal is to send targeted emails to targeted subscribers who are likely to relate to what you are pitching. 

3) Optimized For Visual Automation:

There are barely any tools out there that makes it possible to create emails that sends out automated emails to subscribers immediately. With convertkit you can set up everything step by step without having to be a professional computer guru; everything is done for you just “click” and let the fantastic app do all the work for you. 

Personally what I like about convertkit is just it’s user friendly nature and customer support . Clearly this software is going by the mission; to help creators earn a living online. 

The question you might be asking yourself right now is “if convertkit is something you want to use”. I want to quickly highlight some questions below and if your answer is yes to at least one of them you most definitely should jump on this right now. 

  1. Are you a blogger(old or new), website owner or an author/writer?
  2. Are you a podcaster?
  3. Are you creating videos on YouTube and other platforms with the aim of reaching someone?
  4. Do you have a beginner or Intermediate marketing skill?
  5. Are you an affiliate marketer?
  6. Do you create, lunch or sell digital to products?
  7. Do you want to build a loyal community that supports you?
  8. Do you want a simple and powerful email marketing solution?
  9. Do you use landing page builders?

If you answered yes to one of these, you need a convertkit. 

Some of the most interesting features of convertkit are;

  1. The interface is so intuitive and easy to use, beginner friendly and not complicated like other tools where you need to start learning html language. This is so easy, basically drag and drop. It is easy to navigate to the dashboard, making it easy for you to create your custom opt-in  form and landing page.
  2. You can group your email list into segments meaning that if you have people interested in weight loss products and people interested in digital products, you can section them all and send emails to these groups easily.
  3. Their tracking system is superb because you can clearly see your open rate, click rate, Opt-in  conversion so that you can have an idea of what is working and what isn’t working making it easier for you to make changes and ultimately skyrocket your conversion rate.
  4. Their workflow unlike any other out there is so easy to set up, doesn’t take time, and Is far more effective because of its deliverability rate as stated earlier.
  5. Easy concierge  migrates makes it easy to switch from another email system which isn’t serving you well to convertkit and still keep all of your subscriber and data.

We convertkit, you are not too limited to just email marketing you can hold live training sessions, ravenous, workshop and cause on phones to keep the connectivity of your customers and live.

To keep your subscribers from unsubscribing, you need to engage them once in a while in both calls and free webinars, this is why this functionality was created for business owners.

In A Nutshell,

Convertkit is all in one and a very essential tool for business owners. Email marketing for beginners can be difficult to fold your mind over, however with ConvertKit, it’s simple.

It has been made with basic yet amazing mechanizations that accomplish the dreary work for you to send very much planned and organized emails to your subscribers. 

At ConvertKit, highlights are being made on how it works and it is very important that you jump on this in 2021. The story behind this software is so relatable in the sense that the owners of this software were once faced with the same email marketing issue, they understood the stuff to grow a fruitful online business. To assist you with getting there, they assembled this application with highlights custom-made to your necessities as a Business person. Your email list is your greatest resource.

ConvertKit encourages you to utilize that list to develop your business through alluring structures, identifiable information, and straightforward optimization with incredible mechanizations. It’s simple to-insert, adjustable “select in” structures help you transform easygoing leads into hard clients.

Monitor your development with a brief glance at your landing page dashboard that shows endorser information and changes in algorithm with convert kit and start making conscious effort to grow your business.


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