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Choosing the right YouTube automation software is very important if you want to get more views, more subscribers and ultimately more ads revenue. From script writing to ranking your YouTube videos on YouTube first page, these best YouTube automation software and tools can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 9+ best youtube automation software and tools, along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best one for you.


What are the best YouTube automation software and tools?

YouTube automation is a method of making money on YouTube by creating cash cow channels that does not involve showing your face or using your voice.

YouTube automation software and tools allows you as a youtubers get engagement on your content and also ensures that you know the right and easy keyword to make videos on so that they can rank easily on the YouTube search engine. YouTube automation software has helped YouTube creators to make video content and  work easier and less stressful.

It is completely legal because it generates traffic using ways that do not violate YouTube’s guidelines.

So let take a look at some of the best YouTube automation software and tools to use that will skyrocket your videos in a very short time.

in a hurry!

1. Jasper AI :

Best AI script writing tool

What is Jasper AI ?

Jasper is an AI script writing tool, and it was formerly called (Jarvis) and it is a writing tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you generate better material in less time. For better understanding, Jasper AI is a cutting-edge AI-powered robotic writer who can select content 5 times faster than a human copywriter.

With Jasper AI you will get a %100 real content without plagiarism or copy write issues from anyone and you will also get a good pre-written templates on some of kind categories.

Needless to say, Jasper AI creates SEO-friendly material, which means that all of the content you receive from Jasper AI is optimized and ready to generate leads and sales.

If you start using Jasper AI today, you may rank at the top of Google search results, attract thousands of frequent visitors, and build loyal website traffic that you can monetize afterwards using Jasper AI.


Jasper AI Key Features (What makes Jasper AI stand out)

I can demonstrate Jasper AI’s intelligence by showcasing some of its top qualities below:

When you use Jasper, you can anticipate SEO-friendly content that will help you rank higher. Jasper AI has powerful optimization features built in to help you improve your work and take your materials to the next level.

Jarvis’ Boss Mode allows you to speed up your work by up to 5 times.

Jasper AI curates original content that is free of plagiarism, which means that any keyword you provide will be transformed into freshly brewed content.

The content improver in Jasper AI is a fantastic function that allows you to rewrite or rewrite specific content that needs a little polishing.

When it comes to languages, Jasper AI can write in over 25 different languages, so you won’t have to rely on Google Translate any longer because Jasper AI can also do all the translating for you with just a click of a button.

Jasper AI’s best features:

  • Generate blog posts, stories, etc.
  • create social media posts.
  • Jasper creates 100% original content.
  • Write promotional content for landing pages, ad copies, etc.
  • It provides a long-form assistant to create longer articles.

So that is the best thing that Jasper AI can do. So let’s check out the pricing.

Jasper AI’s Pricing ( Let’s see the one that suits your needs )


The starter plan will cost you $29 per month for 20,000 words per month, or $24 per month if you pay annually. You’ll have to pay $49 per month for 50,000 words per month, which is an estimate. You must pay $89 per month for 100,000 words per month. You must pay $119 per month for 150,000 words per month.

You’ll have to spend roughly $169 each month for 250,000 words every month. You must pay $299 per month for 500,000 words per month. You must pay $399 per month for 750,000 words, and $499 per month for 1 million words. If you require more than one million words, you must contact their sales department.

This plan includes the following features:

Copywriting length is limited.

A 5,000-word bonus word pack is available for $10.

There are no limits to how many people can log in.

More than 25 languages are supported.

Access to more than 50 templates

Project folders are limitless.

Option to save automatically

Get your preferred outputs

Jasper community access

In the training boot camp, you will learn.

At the time of onboarding, there will be live group video calls.


The Boss Mode package starts at $59 per month and includes 50,000 words each month. You can also pay for all of the plans at a 16 percent savings if you pay annually. You must pay $99 per month for 100,000 words each month. You must pay $279 per month for 300,000 words every month. If you require more than 300,000 words from this plan, please contact their sales department.

This plan includes the following features:

All of the features of the beginner plan are included.

At $40, you can get a bonus word pack with 30,000 words.

Access to papers and the ability to write long content

For improved content production, use Jasper Commands.

Surfer’s SEO mode SEO

Useful recipes

Plagiarism Copy cape’s checker

For better content, use Grammarly.

History of revisions

Jasper will certify you.

Get first-class client service.

Choose the plan that best suits your requirement.

Try Jasper today if you don’t want to spend hours composing. Learn how to use Jasper like an expert by reading our in-depth review. You can write 10,000 words for free with Jasper AI, but you must provide payment information. After this, you can either sign up for their Starter Plan or Boss mode Plan, depending on which features you want access to and how much you plan to write.

Click here to get started with Jasper AI tool to grow your business with no stress.

2. Pictory AI tool

Best text to video tool

Pictory is a powerful AI that enables you to create and edit professional quality videos using text, with no technical skills required or software to download.

Save time, increase your visibility, and boost your brand.

Pictory features. ( Here’s Just Some Of The Things Pictory Can Do For You )

No need to buy expensive equipment or go on camera to turn scripts into jaw-dropping videos in minutes.

Simply paste your script, and our powerful AI will automatically produce the right film for you from Pictory’s massive library of over 3 million royalty-free video clips, photos, and music!

You can record your own voice or use one of our very lifelike AI voices – Steven Spielberg, beware!

Transform Blog Posts Into Engaging Videos On Auto-Pilot, breathe new life into your blog by transforming your written articles into engaging videos.

Just enter your blog post’s URL and Pictory will automatically read your text and generate a super-engaging video capturing your key points, in seconds.

Add your own narration, or let our incredible AI voices do the talking for you.

Google loves blogs with videos, Boost your rankings and watch your readership skyrocket with Pictory.

Repurpose Content to unlock the hidden gold buried within your existing long form videos.

Creating fresh content can be a challenge, but not with Pictory.

Like magic, hour-long webinars, podcasts, and Zoom recordings become easy-to-watch 3 minute bite sized snippets complete with captions!

Share this on social media to boost your brand awareness and win more clients.

Add Captions Automatically, a staggering 85% of social media videos are watched on mute!

Adding captions attracts more viewers as well as dramatically increases engagement levels and watch time, but it is extremely time-consuming to do manually and often prohibitively expensive to outsource.

Pictory automatically captions your videos, quickly and accurately, at no extra charge.

Pictory Pricing

pictory offers 3 plans so let’s check it out.

These are the plans you can choose, and you also get a free trial once you use the link below to sign up for pictory.

3. TubeBuddy

Best YouTube ranking tool

If you’re new to YouTube automation and want to get the hang of it try out this tool.

What is TubeBuddy? TubeBuddy is an amazing YouTube automation software and a full-featured content optimization tool. It allows you to optimize your YouTube videos, so that they can rank well in the YouTube search engine. SEO is great for channel growth and being found by users.

My channel has grown with it. It’s very easy to use and can be installed on your browser and your mobile phone in just a few clicks.

TubeBuddy’s best features

TubeBuddy is one of the YouTube automation tools that offers the best features, and you can see some of the features below.

  • TubeBuddy offers an auto-translator for its users.
  • TubeBuddy’s Best Practice Audit
  • Insta-Suggest
  • Keyword exploral :
  • The SEO Studio is one of TubeBuddy’s latest features that allows you to optimize your YouTube videos to rank highly on YouTube. You can think of it as your all-in-one YouTube SEO Suite that helps you optimize your video title, description, and tags for each of your videos.
  • Search Explorer


The three subscription plans are available to users. After filling out a brief request form, you will be able to see the precise price, as well as the plans that will help you better grasp the situation.

1. Pro plan:

$3, For those starting their YouTube journey and wanting to get access to new tools for growth on YouTube this is the best plan subscription for you.

2. Star plan:

$11.50, For content creators looking to achieve maximum efficiency and time savings

3. Legend plan:

$26.50, For creators looking for the maximum competitive edge for making data driven decisions and expanding their reach

Get access to TubeBuddy now.

4. Fameswap :


Fameswap is the first, oldest, and most trusted marketplace where you can buy established Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts with likes, followers, and real audiences. Influencers use Fameswap to sell their accounts to brands and businesses worldwide.

In addition to that, Fameswap bills itself as the finest marketplace for buying and selling Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok accounts. The majority of users who use this platform are either hunting for well-established social media accounts or expecting to receive a large sum of money for the accounts they are selling. Because of the significance and sensitivity of the information exchanged, it is important for all parties involved to have assurance that the transaction will not result in a loss.


It’s always a good idea to consider the features of something in order to gain a better overall picture, right? We present you with some obvious points on both ends of the spectrum.

  • It is a worldwide service.
  • All of the payment methods are safe.
  • Transaction fees may be expensive for people who do not have a premium account.
  • It has a dispute resolution feature that allows you to swiftly and effectively resolve any disagreements.
  • it supports USD currency and provides email assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • TrustPilot has given us excellent reviews.


Free Plan:

With the free plan, there are many things you will not be able to get.

  • ***hidden listing usernames
  • No audience reports
  • Limited message threads
  • No country filter.
  • Standard escrow fees
  • Contact sellers only
  • So search
  • Standard support
  • Limited access to top listings

Premium Plan:

With the premium plan, you will get all the features and much more.

  • Full listing @usernames
  • Audience reports
  • Unlimited message threads
  • Audience country on browse page
  • Lower escrow fees
  • Contact any user
  • Search box on the home page
  • Priority support
  • Top listings with access

Try it out.

5. Invideo

Best tool for video production (Faceless)

InVideo is One of the largest video productions ever. InVideo is an online video editor with a lot of features. There are over 5000 templates included, as well as iStock material, a music library, filters, transitions, and much more. There is no need to download anything.

In our video maker, you can make professional videos, edit videos, and use your own photos. With 5000+ pre-made templates for your business, you can create stunning videos in under 5 minutes. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make videos that are up to 15 minutes long. Videos are available in many languages. There are almost 5000 designer templates available.


InVideo is a powerful, online video editor. It comes packed with 5000+ templates, iStock media, a music library, filters, transitions, and much more. No download required.

I have mentioned some of its features below:

  • Stabilization of video.
  • Capture of video.
  • Overlay of text.
  • HD Resolution is supported.
  • combining video clips.
  • The video is split into two parts.
  • controls the speed of the video.
  • The Library of Media


InVideo comes with three subscription plans.

Free plan:

With the free plan, you will get

Y will not be able to remove the InVideo watermark.

only have access to 5000+ Video Templates.

3M+ Standard Media Library

Automated Text to Speech

and Your videos will not be longer than 40 minutes in video duration per video

Business plan: $15

You will get more features with this plan.

No watermark on videos

Everything in the free plan

10 iStock media per month

1M+ Premium Media

60 video exports per month.

Unlimited Plan: $30

The best plan for people who are looking to get the most out of InVideo.

No watermark on videos

Everything in the free plan and business plan

120 iStock media per month

1M+ Premium Media

Unlimited video exports/month

Try it out.

6. VidIQ:

Best YouTube SEO tool

What Is VidIQ ? VidIQ is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that helps YouTube creators locate relevant topics and keywords for their videos. The tool also comes with a comprehensive YouTube SEO feature set that aids in the creation of SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.

vidIQ is a video marketing platform that assists content creators in acquiring the tools and training they need to enhance productivity and grow their YouTube channel’s views and subscribers. Its features, marketing tools, and video analytics assist videos in gaining the exposure they require to reach a wider audience.


  • Channel Audit This automatically generates a report for you based on your channel’s behavior metrics and engagement. This is beneficial to smaller youtubers and assists new youtubers in learning about their own channel viewership. This will analyze your data and assist you in identifying your best-performing content, developing a content strategy, and comparing you to your manually added competitors and competition in your channel specialty.
  • competitors – This can be used to keep track of what is being discussed in your desired area. While on the Boost tier, you can add up to 20 channels, which helps you to see developing patterns in recent content published by “competitors” in your niche.
  • Thumbnail Preview (right side of upload page and video detail page) – Click Through Rate is important, but so is enticing visitors to stop scrolling and look at your thumbnail.

This is something I used a lot from February 2022 this year, and it raised my overall channel CTR from 8% to 12%.

  • Channel Trending (channel main page): Excellent for competitor/niche video research.
  • Boost keyword research on YouTube SEO.



  • New to YouTube $7.50

Pro Plan:

  • Get more analytics and unlimited keyword research . $39


  • Increase views on NEW VIDEOS $79

Get access to Vidiq here.

7. Canva App :

Best graphic and thumbnails for YouTube

Canva is a free graphic design website that can be used to create invites, business cards, Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, and other things. Customizing thousands of templates is simple and straightforward thanks to a drag-and-drop interface. Canva’s broad feature set allows you to modify photographs even if you don’t have a lot of experience with photo editing.

It is also a robust design tool that can be used in the classroom to produce projects that not only look fantastic but also teach students the fundamentals of digital design.


In short, here are some features that this tool has to offer.

  • With Canva’s amazing capabilities, you can create great designs.
  • Text can be added to videos. Add text to your video to make it more engaging.
  • Video to MP4 You may convert your videos to mp4 for free online.
  • Image Montage.
  • Image Brightening.
  • Video Sound Effects.
  • Image Enhancer.
  • Image Flipping.
  • Video Transitions.


Canva as three good plans for everyone’s needs.

Free plan

Freelancers, YouTubers, and bloggers who develop 10 to 15 designs each month will benefit from the free edition. You’ll get access to over 100 different design styles, 8,000 free templates, and thousands of free pictures and graphics.

Pro plan:

The Pro plan will suit you better if you create more photographs for yourself or your clients. You’ll have access to over 420,000 templates, 75 million graphics, photographs, stock images, and videos, among other things. The Brand Kit is a notable feature for storing brand assets.

Enterprise plan:

The Enterprise package is appropriate for agencies and businesses with a large number of employees. You get limitless storage, multiple brand Kits, and design workflows.

Check it out

8. Fiverr :

Best outsourcing tool to hire a YouTube SEO expert.

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services, where individuals and businesses can find freelancers with the skills they need. It is a “micro-task” site, where you can execute relatively quick, little one-off activities known as “gigs.”

Fiverr is the best place to hire a freelancer to do your job for you on the Internet, and you can also hire a freelancer who can help you do your YouTube SEO correctly for you to rank on the YouTube search engine and start getting huge views on your content without any stress. This is one of the reasons why Fiverr is also a YouTube automation tool, and see some of its best features below.


This platform helps users to hire professional freelancers and be rest assured that your money is safe with them.

  • Multi-Currency Support.
  • Private Communication Platform.
  • Custom Offers.
  • Multi-Category Jobs.
  • Secure Payment Gateways.
  • Freelance Marketplace.
  • Seller Rating & Feedback


Fiverr freelancers charge between $5.00 and $995.00 per project. There is no subscription or sign-up fee. The freelancer keeps 80% of each transaction.

Click here to sign up for Fiverr.

9. Copy AI :

Best script writing tool

CopyAI is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence copywriter, assisting brands in creating extremely engaging ad copy. Deep learning skills will be available to you, allowing you to properly comprehend your clients’ demands. It will help you create messaging that is relevant, unique concepts, and more.

With Copy AI, you can be rest assured that your project is complete, done, and does not require any work. With just a click of a button, your project is complete with 100% real content and zero plagiarism.

Features: is a content creation platform driven by artificial intelligence that claims to help users generate better content. They advertise themselves as a “automatic creativity tool” for “generating marketing text.”’s marketing language is designed to assist in the creation of copy, not to replace copywriters.

Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds.

  • Blog content:

write optimized blog posts in a fraction of the time.

  • Digital Ad Copy:

Produce a compelling ad copy with a few clicks.

  • ecommerce copy:

Increase sales with a better product description.

  • Sales copy:

Convert your audience with a copy that sells

  • Social media content:

Engage your audience with compelling social copy.

  • Website copy:

You can overhaul your website with more compelling copy.

Pricing: have two plans

Free plan: $0

10 credits per month.

20 bonus credits for the first month.

25+ languages

90+ copywriting tools

Blog Wizard tool

Pro plan: $35

Unlimited credits

Unlimited projects

25+ languages

90+ copywriting tools

Blog Wizard tool

Priority support

Access to our newest features

Check out this tool here.

10. Stormview :

Best tool to buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes. is a relatively young firm situated in the United States that specializes in assisting content creators in increasing their YouTube channel’s likes, views, and subscribers. If you’re looking for a cheap but trustworthy way to acquire YouTube subscribers, this is the place to go.

They provide a variety of services, including buying subscribers to build a community and increasing views on specific movies. Stormviews is also recommended and mentioned by major media outlets such as Venture Beat, US magazine, Times of India, Mercury News, and Ibtimes as the most reliable YouTube service provider ever.


Buying YouTube likes, views, and subscribers might help you get to the next level with your channel. Stormviews operates and has successfully given success to its clients by delivering 5-star services with 100% genuine likes, views, and subscribers for their YouTube videos.

StormViews claims to have subscribers from all around the world, so they’re not simply from one place.

100% genuine, active subscribers who will engage with your content on a regular basis.

Based on how they sell their brand, the majority of their members are from the United States, India, and Turkey.

StormViews’ customer service has a very quick response time and is also quite courteous.

They also contain all of the contact information that a professional company should have.

One of these is their contact form, which is the quickest way to reach them.


Stormviews has established a strong reputation in a short period of time by ensuring high-quality services. They have five different bundles that are currently for sale, including: 50 Subscribers pay $4.95 each month. $9.95 per 100 subscribers.

Check out here.


If you want to enhance the reach of your videos, choose among the following YouTube automation tools.

  • Jasper AI: Script Writing Tool
  • Pictory AI: for making faceless videos (Vidnami and Invideo best alternative)
  • TubeBuddy: for ranking on the YouTube search engine.
  • Fameswap: For buying monetized channels and Instagram accounts.
  • Invideo: for video production. (faceless)
  • VidIQ: For YouTube SEO
  • Canva: For YouTube graphics and creating YouTube thumbnails.
  • Fiverr: For outsourcing
  • For script writing
  • For buying YouTube subscribers, views, and likes.

I’m hoping that my efforts will result in the greatest YouTube automation tool and solution for you.

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