What Is Affiliate Marketing All About?

Hi, in this blog post, we will get to know what affiliate marketing is all about and how it works and how you can earn from it. Without further ado let’s dive in!

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing


So first we need to understand what Affiliate marketing is..

Affiliate marketing is a model of marketing that involves the use of Affiliates to promote products or services using online platforms, generate sales or get leads and earn  a commission from them.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when you (as an Affiliate or Publisher) earn commissions for bringing in clients to purchase a particular product or service. You earn commissions per referral when your clients use your link to make purchases.

The affiliate marketing industry is growing bigger everyday as people tend to join in the trends to be able to earn some money by just being on your computer or PC at home.

According to Statistics, The global worth of the affiliate marketing industry has been estimated to be at around $12 billion in 2020. With these statistics, you can see that the industry is booming steadily from the early 2000’s till now.

Affiliate marketing involves mainly three parties.

  • Brands or Merchants: These are companies that sell products and offer services. They could be commerce stores, agencies, software creators, gaming companies just to mention a few.
  • Affiliate networks: These are agencies that act as the middlemen between the Affiliates and the Brands. Registered Brands put their products and services on the network and informations about them are provided for the registered Affiliates in the network to be promoted. Examples are Clickbank, JVzoo , Super Affiliates,Amazon Associates just to mention a few.

Sometimes this can be ignored as an affiliate can also directly meet the Brand and get to promote their products and services.

  • Affiliates: These are the marketers of products and services. They use online platforms like social media, Blogs, review websites and YouTube channels to promote products.

Through affiliate marketing, affiliates can earn money called commissions without having to create their products or services. To derive traffic and generate leads, affiliates can choose to use one or several social media platforms such as websites, Instagram, Emails, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, just to mention a few. 

The commission rates vary based on the agreement between the two parties. However, common payment agreements are based on: 

  • Pay-Per-Sales (PPS) – In this system,you get paid a percentage for every successful sales made. This percentage is usually agreed by the companies or middlemen and the affiliates. It can range from 15% to 50%. But that’s not the only way you can get paid. Following are other ways you can get paid in affiliate marketing:
  • Pay–Per–Click (PPC) – As the term connotes,an affiliate can also get paid for every valid click generated regardless of whether these clicks resulted in sales or leads. 
  • Pay–Per–Lead (PPL) – Some Affiliate programs and companies pay a fixed commission for every qualified action a click generates. Some of these actions are sign ups,online form submission, installation of an app or completion of a survey. Some of these Affiliate programs are Free pay per lead,Grammarly and three mouse clicks.

There are no special qualifications for becoming an affiliate. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer by just having some skills like knowing how to write a blog, make product reviews and create ads.

So with these, I hope you understand what Affiliate marketing is all about. Hope you find this blog post helpfully.

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