11+ Best YouTube Automation Niches – My BEST Choice 2022

The most important aspect of launching a YouTube automation channel is coming up with a YouTube automation niche idea. To begin with, the niche is simply the topic of your channel.

In general, the niche of your channel will determine its development and income. So, in this piece, I will assist you in selecting the best niche for your YouTube channel (a complete beginner guide).

Don’t do: If you have the notion of filming random videos about various themes, please dismiss it. Because making random topic videos does not work.

You will quickly lose confidence in the target audience.

As we approach 2022, it is critical to select the right audience for your channel. The YouTube money-making world is yours once you understand your audience’s pulse and demands.

Make an effort to stay on topic at all times. Subscribers visit your channel because of the similar videos you’ve already created. Not all of your subscribers are prepared to view whatever videos you upload. As a result, publishing unrelated topic videos reduces your channel subscribers, and you will quickly lose your target audience.

Okay, let me give you an outstanding illustration of this scenario with a well-known YouTuber. Ryan Toys Review is a YouTube channel. Ryan is a 7-year-old boy who evaluates toys. for other children

She has 31.2 million subscribers, and her channel’s specialization is Toy’s Review, and just Toy’s Review. According to Forbes, she makes $22 million through YouTube. Her first step toward success must be to identify a certain niche on his channel.

Steps On How To Pick The Best YouTube Automation Niche.


Let’s run a quick example to help you grasp what I’m talking about when it comes to CPM and its value.

Assume you and I both open a channel at the same moment. Your channel is on video games, but mine is about dropshipping.

Both of our channels gain traction, and after a few months of hard effort, we both meet our monetization targets and begin collecting ad income from our videos.

You will receive your first AdSense payment after our first month of monetization. You had over 50,000 monetized plays this month and earned $75 with an average CPM of $1.5.

Consider your YouTube channel to be a real business, not just a pastime; this is the first pillar of any kind of YouTube success.

Let’s See the steps in picking the right YouTube Automation NIche:

Okay, so you’ve decided on the best niche for your channel. If your specialty is perfect enough, you will be able to automatically build your channel views and subscribers in a little panel.

As a result, in order to be the most successful YouTuber in 2022, you must prioritize the niche.

So, How do you find a good niche for yourself?

I will assist you in selecting a profitable niche for your channel. The top YouTube channel niche ideas are listed here. Okay, let us get started.

1.Your Drive/Passion

You have a passion, don’t you? Because everybody has what they are passionate about and what they are also good at, right? You could be good at cricket, football, lifestyle, cooking, product reviews, motivating people, and so much more. The best aspect is that you may choose a topic that you are passionate about for your channel, which I encourage you to do.

Another remarkable feature is the abundance of content. It allows you to create more videos on your theme. Because you are well-versed in the ups and downs of your chosen field. Furthermore, this strategy will immediately draw your target audience.

If the niche is not related to your interest, you will become bored quickly. If you lack confidence and expertise about your interest, attempt to identify where you are lacking, start learning from the ground up, and then begin generating videos.

2. Competitors

YouTube has millions of videos connected to your niche. YouTube is a popular venue for YouTubers to earn money online, but it is not for everyone. If your video contains enough content, you will score high in YouTube search engine results.

One thing you must know is that YouTube is full of competitors. As a result, you must be self-assured and consistent with your channel. The greatest way to create your channel is to analyze your competitors. You will become flawless if you are constantly learning from your opponents.

Competition of your channel

Meanwhile, I recommend that you choose a medium competition theme for your channel.

Many YouTubers lose confidence as a result of their high-competition specialty. No need to be concerned if you are a master in a specific niche with increased market competition.

about launching that high-competition niche If you lack confidence, choose a niche with a medium level of competition.

If possible, find low-competition niches for YouTube. However, one medium-level competition video is always preferable to ten high-level competition videos.

How to Find Low-Competition YouTube Niches

You may wonder how I discovered my niche’s level of competition and monthly search volume on YouTube. TUBEBUDDY, a YouTube-friendly tool, will provide the answer. TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified application that helps YouTubers minimize their workload and develop their channels.

What Is TubeBuddy?

You can take a close look at the rankings and tags of other videos using the TubeBuddy plugin. To get some traction from their views, you can watch other people’s films and add their tags to your own.

Tube Buddy Keyword Search

TubeBuddy may provide you with information on your niche’s search volume, rivals’ keywords and growth, and much more. In general, the TubeBuddy tool includes a lot of capabilities, and it fixes most of the YouTuber’s issues. 

Why is TubeBuddy a necessary tool for any YouTuber?

I used TubeBuddy to increase my traffic by 20K views in just 30 days.

Please click the link below to install TubeBuddy if you want to add it to your channel.

3. Market Potential for Your Niche

The demand in your niche should be your main point of focus. In general, consider where your specialty will be in one year.

Always pick a subject that won’t go out of style. For instance, choosing a technological channel is wise, but producing videos from the past is useless.

For instance, you are a programming-related tech channel, and your videos deal with the C and C++ programming languages. Think about the fact that I have a tech channel and that my videos discuss the Python language. Because you chose an obsolete topic, my channel will probably expand faster than yours.

You should think about the demand for your specialty if you want to make enough money as a YouTuber to support yourself. At the very least, pick a specialty that will still be relevant in 4 to 5 years.

4. Your Knowledge

Information is one key distinction between a good channel and a bad one.

Consider adding extra information to your specialty in your videos. In that situation, YouTube will give you more weight. search engine and subsequently increase traffic.

Therefore, you must have more knowledge than you need about your area, which will come from experience.

Additionally, experience enables you to impart fresh insights, advice, and problem-solving techniques to your audience. If you’re new to YouTube, you’ll need to focus more on your niche and pick up new skills in order to give your viewers’ subscribers the right information.

One day of work does not equal experience. You must put in a lot of effort and focus. Grab all your specialty concepts first, launch your channel, grow your brand’s audience, and then start making money.

Tip: Write “Learn” first, then take the L out of it.

5. Resources

Therefore, there are several opportunities on both sides. However, take into account the resources you have before beginning to choose your niche ideas and act accordingly.

6. Time and Money


Money is time. Do you have enough time to create the videos, first of all?

Many YouTubers that produce content do so on the side (notable: they are successful YouTubers). A lot of them work as YouTubers full-time as well.

What are you then?

Whatever, but how much of your day will you devote to your channel? Managing a YouTube channel is different from simply posting videos once every month in your free time.

Consistent YouTubers are required by the YouTube algorithm. You must therefore organize your everyday activities according to your channel. Plan your channel niche based on that. Consider, for illustration, that you are a software engineer and that you want to launch a “travel channel.” You essentially have just one weekend to make videos. In this case, travel vlogging is not appropriate for 9–6 personnel.


All YouTubers starting out need to have a budget. If you’re unsure of how much a YouTube channel will cost,Don’t worry because creating a Youtube channel is completely free and it only requires a gmail account. If you want a tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel just comment below and we will respond to your comment.

I’m not asking for this much cash to launch a channel here. I’m trying to explain that you should choose your channel specialization based on your budget.

The creation of a YouTube channel niche is not as simple as picking a subject and sticking with it. You must keep all the things we talked about in mind and make wise decisions.

List Of 11+ YouTube Automation Niches ( The BEST Choice )

Here, I’d want to discuss with you some of the YouTube sub genres that are the best, most well-known, and most lucrative. You can pick intelligently from the list depending on the competition, content development, and ideas and also passion that you have.

Food Channel: Popular with audiences who are housewives and simple to launch as a channel for housewives.

Travel: Following several lockdowns, travel technology is now outperforming. The moment is opportune to use travel channels to reach audiences.

Technology: Don’t be hesitant to start if you have expertise in any new technology niche.

Finance: Well, it’s one of the lucrative areas, but to reach the audiences, it needs a wide range of abilities.

Fashion: Suitable for female online entrepreneurs. Many women expand their businesses from boutiques to flourishing digital marketing businesses. by way of YouTube.

Are you a speaker who uses motivation? The YouTube database already has a lot more videos on this subject. However, it continues to make room for additional channels every day.

Gaming: I’m sure you’ve heard of some popular gaming channel on YouTube. Niche of gaming never gets old because it is a lucrative sector on YouTube and majority of people love to play and watch games online and you can start a gaming channel as well.

Beauty advice: beneficial for women who have nearby salons. Prepare to use YouTube to expand your company’s presence on the web.

How Tos There isn’t really a focus on a certain market here. You can choose your specialization depending on the subject we covered above and produce more how-to videos. It will distinguish the channel.

Focusing on fitness and health care is a daily process activity.

Sport:  If you enjoy sports or are physically active, this might be an excellent option for you.

Health Care: The finest YouTube niche area is for homemade treatments or health care advice.

product evaluation Do you desire to profit from affiliate marketing? The best niche to try is product reviews, thus. Just so you know, affiliate marketing is a successful technique to increase your YouTube earnings.

Mom’s Channel: Another woman-specific niche strategy. It might be difficult for mothers to care for infants at home. The number of videos on this platform has also steadily expanded over the past three years or more.

Should I establish a meditation channel? This is a question I get from a lot of creators. The response is, “Yes,” of course. But you must offer the viewers something special.

When you have adequate resources, you can cover all of the entertainment videos, including sports, movies, and live events.

Cryptocurrency: Many people are still unsure about investing in cryptocurrencies.

The best place to find answers is on YouTube. I’m hoping that in the near future, digital currency will control the planet. It’s one of the best and most lucrative YouTube niche ideas as a result. Before recommending something to your audience, make sure you have sufficient expertise and experience.


Before launching a channel, I hope you realize how crucial YouTube niche ideas are. Keep the aforementioned ideas in mind at all times. For further information, I advise you to save this post to your device’s bookmarks.

That would be all for this post so you can drop your comment below if you have any because we always check our Comment section of our blog post because want to help as much as we can.

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